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  • James Naismith: The Inventor Of Basketball

    Imagine this you have two days to create a indoor sports game and you have certain criteria that you have to follow. Well that’s what James Naismith did. Who is he? James Naismith is the inventor of basketball but played a very important role in our great sport. Which leads me to believe that, “without James Naismith we would not have basketball”. James Naismith [who was a Canadian sports coach,physician, and innovator] invented basketball with 13 original rules in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. He was 31 at the time when he invented it. It was a class assignment at a Y.M.C.A. training school.He devoted very little effort to shape the game. He spent a decade as the University of Kansas’s founding basketball coach, his overall record was…

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  • James Naismith: The Game Of Basketball

    game of basketball would not be around today if it wasn’t for one man, his name was James Naismith. James was born on November 6, 1861 in Ontario, Canada. He was born to the parents of John and Margaret Naismith. When James was only nine years old both of his parents had died, leaving James an orphan. This was a very rough time in James’ life. After becoming an orphan, he was raised by his very strict grandmother for a little bit, and then his bachelor uncle. While growing up James enjoyed…

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  • James Naismith Research Paper

    Basketball Basketball was invented in the year 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by a Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith. Naismith devised this game to condition his young athletes during the colder months. The sport did not begin with an actual basketball and two nets. It originally consisted of peach baskets and a soccer ball. He established thirteen rules and divided the teams into nine players each. The objective of the game was to throw the soccer ball into the…

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  • James Naismith Free Throw Essay

    The history of free-throw; James Naismith created by a game that was non-violent. He wrote 13 rules of his game and labeled it basketball while he prepared teaching a gym class at the YMCA in Springfield, Mass in 1891. However, understanding that free throw was not called in the original 13 rules, but it was almost the same as rule number 7, that stated “if either side makes consecutive fouls it shall count a goal for the opponents.” Today, we know it as free-throw was put into place for more…

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  • Basketball By James Naismith: The Invention Of Basketball

    The invention took place back in the 1891 . This sport was invented by James Naismith , Mr.Naismith was born on November 6 1861. He taught multiple sports for kids to interact with like Physical education which was used in many schools you may know it by the name P.E . This class would have many different sports you are welcome to play. Naismith had gotten an idea of the game of basketball when he realized what all an football and a soccer ball are capable of doing. Naismith was told by many…

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  • Basketball By James Naismith: The First Hoop For Basketball

    The first hoop for basketball was a peach basket that James Naismith had gave to a group of kids to play with. Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court ( Google Definition).Basketball is a physical sport played by two teams, seeing which team can score the most points in a time length game( Mr. Smith Definition). Basketball can be fun and not as enjoyable as you want. You're…

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  • James Naismith: The History Of Basketball

    a long way since its humble beginning. The sport of basketball was born at a training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. For a century, basketball was played with soccer balls and peach baskets, but because of outstanding players, evolving rules and records set, basketball has became an international sensation. Basketball is enjoyed by people of all ages, has transcended gender barriers and has given women an outlet that they couldn't enjoy through all-male team sports such as football and…

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  • How Did Basketball Start?

    you can pass or dribble. But do you know how it started? Over 300 million people play basketball around the world because of Dr. James Naismith. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball. He lived in Canada then moved to Massachusetts where he became a physical educator at a YMCA. In 1891, Dr. Naismith was told he had to create a game that would keep athletes busy during the winters. “With a two week deadline, Dr. Naismith decided to invent a game of skill, finesse and accuracy, rather than…

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  • Jordan Basketball History

    amazing people. Michael Jordan the 6 time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant the 5 time NBA champion that is still working on his Sixth to be tied with the Great Jordan. These Two are just two of the best that has ever played the game. Do you know when The Game was created, and by who? In America basketball has traveled as a great sport to play in, now in the 21st century it is played by over 300 million people and teens and adult that play it daily is recreation basketball. Basketball came about in…

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  • Evolution Of College Basketball

    and sizes from our smartphone, TV, and computer. Due to it’s access and it’s popularity around the world, we can witness the Golden State Warriors orchestrate their playmaking ability to create an open shot. However, the basketball world wasn’t alike back in their heydays acquiring a meager amount of deals in order to televise their games. In addition, having only 17 teams during the birth of the NBA. But, due to the NBA’s progress from 1949 till today, it has demonstrated immense promises which…

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