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  • Symbolism In A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

    Symbolism in A Long Way Gone: Memoir of a Boy Soldier Malcom X once said: “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression” (izquotes) Freedom is fundamental to the growth of humanity. In A Long Way Gone: Memoir of a Boy Soldier, author Ishmael Beah examines the concept of freedom and oppression through illustrating his encounters as a child soldier during the Sierra Leone civil war in the 1990s. The dark influences of war strips Beah of his childhood innocence and transforms him into a senseless killing machine, until he is rescued and rehabilitated by UNICEF. Throughout the novel, Beah illustrates a clear image of his struggle for freedom against the oppressive influences of war. In his literary work, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael Beah uses symbols to underscore his central theme of freedom,as evidenced by his symbolizations of moon, cassette tapes and Beah’s gun. To start, the moon denotes the theme of Beah’s search for freedom and his suffer from oppression. First, the moon, in Beah’s childhood, is a symbol of virtue, as he describes, “We must strive to be like the moon” (Beah 16), because everyone is happy when the moon is up. Specifically, “a woman cradling a baby at her breast” (Beah 17), the image he sees on the moon, evidently, symbolizes the moon as love, happiness and hope. Later on, when Beah drifts into the war, the moon guides his way and renders him hope, revealed in his description, “I looked into…

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  • Analysis Of Tessie Hutchinson's The Lottery

    Life, it’s funny, how one little thing can have such a large impact on it. In the case of “The Lottery”, the little black box has a profound effect on the towns’ people. In this instance it has a profound impact on one person in particular, Tessie Hutchinson. Tessie Hutchinson finds that in an instant life can change right before your eyes. She proclaims at the end of the story, “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right.” (243) Can you imagine a simple box could carry so much weight? This box that has…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The City Of Memphis, Tennessee

    Many people have heard stories growing up about witches and evil spirits haunting abandoned buildings and lurking around deserted towns. Let me tell you about something that is going on right here in your town of Memphis, Tennessee. It all started one day at work. First, Drew a coworker said: “Today is a the big day!” when he walked into the lab “We have to go out to Voodoo Village to finish up our surveillance on mosquitos.” This made me very nervous because when I remember in my home…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Struggle With English Reading

    quotation marks so plagiarism does not occur. In chapter six of the book, “Joyride,” Kunstler describes “a machine that promised liberation from the daily bondage of place. And in a free country like the United State, with the unrestricted right to travel, a vast geographical territory to spread out into, and a national tradition of picking up and moving whenever life at home become intolerable, the automobile came as a blessing.” (Kunstler, 1993, p. 86) “Many young adults, like myself, can…

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  • Summary Of James Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency

    James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency is the stuff of suburban nightmare. As someone who has lived her entire life in the comforts and trappings of suburbia, the events that have been laid out in this text have raised several levels of alarm inside myself. Many suburbanites schlep their reusable bags into their hybrid or flex-fuel vehicles and regularly run their several mile journey to the grocery store multiple times a week. In the absence of fossil fuels, not only would this trip for…

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  • Newton's Second Law Of Acceleration Essay

    Research: According to Newton 's Second law when force is increased acceleration increases assuming that mass stays constant. a=F/m Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to prove when force increases acceleration also increases. The independent variable is amount of force applied to the Lenny Board and the dependant variable is the acceleration of the Lenny Board. 3 controlled variables are mass, surface of testing, and the Lenny Board (the weight, the amount of grease on the bearings, ECT)…

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  • What Is Apple's Alliance?

    Apple is a company that deals with technology products in America. It is an American multinational cooperation with headquarters located in California. Apple has been establishing business in foreign countries. In order to find a market in India, it formed an alliance with IBM. The alliance was aimed in providing both iPad and iPhone in the Indian market. Apple was aiming to find a way in India and that is the reason it formed the alliance. In forming the alliance Apple considered manufacturing…

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  • Describe Six Features Of An Effective Total Rewarding Program Analysis

    support and understand them. Poor communication may result in affecting employee’s choices from selecting the right rewards. Describe the behaviors of the sales force that are targeted with the compensation plan. For an organization to be effective, it must tackle the motivational challenges involved in arousing individuals’ desires to be productive members of the organization. Successful compensation plan is the one that direct individual’s behaviors to perform the tasks for which…

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility In Starbucks Coffee

    The materials in Starbucks coffee can be divided into two categories: the cup and the coffee. In terms of coffee, a report from the company in 2016 noted that 99% of their coffee was now ethically sourced; moreover, the company has made it clear that they would like 100% of their coffee to be ethically sourced in the near future (Starbucks, 2016, p.20). Ethically sourced means that the farmers who grow the coffee beans are given pay that is fair, and that their coffee beans are taken from…

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  • Starbucks Research Paper

    C.E.O Howard schultz provides informative and strict training regimen to properly train and educate employees to provide excellent customer service. He has provided benefit programmes and stock options for employees which encourage productivity. This keeps employees happy and looks after their welfare which is an important and constantly argued point of MNC`s. Market strategy: Gaijin Pot, (2011) explains starbucks change their stores according to their customers within that area. e.g In the…

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