James Stockdale

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  • Good To Great Personal Reflection

    Dictionary is “something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence” (fact, n.d.). Yet, faith can lead to facts. I can have faith in something and then that thing may truly come into existence and be actual. It is then a fact, I no longer have faith in that thing because I know it exists. Facts can also lead to faith. I can learn of facts that form a foundation upon which I can have faith of things to come, or things that I might not have complete knowledge of yet. However, having faith in things to come that is not based on a solid foundation of facts can lead to some serious trouble. Jim Collins makes this point with a story about Admiral Jim Stockdale. Admiral Stockdale was a high-ranking United States military officer in the Vietnam war. He was captured for eight years from 1965 to 1973. Stockdale spoke about how he made it through those eight years of torture and eventually making it home alive. Essentially, he was not an optimist in the common sense. He did not hold up arbitrary dates and say that he was going to be free by those dates. He did not have faith in a random date and work toward that date as if he was going to be free because there were no facts forming a basis of that faith. Those who were optimistic and put their faith in one fake date of freedom after another ended up losing all faith and “died of a broken heart” (Collins, 85). Faith is an incredibly important principle in the Gospel. In fact, it is the first principle of the…

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  • Description Of The Groundhog Day

    That night, I went to bed and my mind was racing. Our plan was set in place. As the clock struck midnight, I quickly snuck out of bed and got dressed. I was so anxious. I wanted to be ready at a moment’s notice. It took less than two minutes to put on a thermal shirt, a sweater, jeans, and heavy wool socks. I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, counting down the minutes. At 12:50 on the dot, I heard muffled noises outside my window. I sat up and looked outside. There was James and his…

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  • Personal Narrative: Rasta Man's Cousin

    Rasta Man’s Cousin And Another Dream One day when I went out to get something to eat, I bumped into Rasta Man’s cousin. She told me that he had been asking about me and she asked if I wanted his number. I told her no. She was like girl, you better go ahead and get that money. I told her again no thanks. She was like I’m gonna tell him you acting funny. I just smiled and walked away. Weeks later after encountering Rasta Man’s cousin, I had a dream. I was awakened out of my…

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  • Soccer In America Speech

    teacher, Mr. James. I say, “Hello, Mr. James! Lucky day! Guess what? It’s me! Francisco!” Mr. James says, “Yes, I see that. Please sit down. It’s time for our very first test. You did do the pre-reading, right?” I say, “I did not do the pre-reading. Or the reading. Or the post reading. I did not do any reading at all because it is summer and that is just wrong.” He says, “Well. Here’s your test. It is fill-in-the-blank. Good luck. Please, sit down.” But I cannot sit down. It is not…

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  • Descriptive Christmas House Research Paper

    I say high to everyone and then walk back through the Sasquatch sized door and walk down the hall to the living room. As I enter the room I 'm greeted by a sweet citrusy pine smell that makes the setting complete. I sit down facing the tree looking beyond into the black abyss and twinkling lights. I pull out my grandpas fly fishing book like I do every year. I read the cover, “ The Complete Angler” by James Prosek. Every year I can never seem to finish the book but I get closer every year. This…

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  • Confidentiality Essay

    Mr. Wilson and I sit down to start his assessment. I explain what the assessment is for and confidentiality. We first start by obtaining personal information. He gives me his full name, his address, and talks about his wife who passed away. While talking about his wife I asked if he had other family members. Mr. Wilson told me he had a daughter and a pet dog. He told me he used to work as a farmer but know he just enjoys siting with his dog on the porch. I asked if he had any close Nabors…

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  • War Of 1812 Consequences

    The journey depicted the brutal action that the government underwent to remove the Cherokee out of their land. Around 4,000 Cherokee Natives died and showed the brutal actions that the United States took to strip the Natives of the ancestral land (Stockdale 2). The natives were seen as being uncivilized beings who were known as just being “hunters” or “savages” although they were able to prove otherwise by creating their own indigenous language and culture with neighboring Natives near the…

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  • The Creation Of The Republican Party In The 1850's

    ballots in Kansas elections. Nonetheless, President Pierce replaced the territorial governor after recognizing the fact that the result of the pro-slavery legislature was not up to par with the interests and values of the people. A civil war surfaced when free state settlers established their own opposing government. In a conflict called "Bleeding Kansas" nearly 200 people were killed. In 1856, Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner, an antislavery Senator from Massachusetts, unconscious with a cane…

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  • The Significance Of The Treaty Of Paris Of 1763

    Mississippi rivers would be settled, but it would eventually become part of the United States. The Northwest Ordinance fast-tracked the westward expansion of the United States. The Bank of the United States received its license in 1791 from the United States Congress and was signed by President George Washington. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, designed the Bank’s charter. He modeled it after the Bank of England. The bank was needed because the government had a debt from the…

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  • Analysis Of Frankenstein And H. P. Lovecraft's Frankenstein

    Monsters whether human or otherworldly parade through our nightmares and fears time after time. They appeal to our most primal fears. But what about these horrors and creeps truly makes them monsters? Exploring this question gives us insight into our fears and how terror plays with our emotions. Monsters are a common subject in both Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein and H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. In Mary Shelley 's novel the man Frankenstein creates his own monster by turning back…

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