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  • A Comparative Study Of Voltaire And Newton's Ideas

    6. He helped popularize the famous tale about Sir Isaac Newton and the apple. Though the two never met in person, Voltaire was an enthusiastic acolyte of the English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. Upon receiving a copy of Newton’s “Principia Mathematica,” he claimed he knelt down before it in reverence, “as was only right.” Voltaire played a key role in popularizing Newton’s ideas, and he offered one of the first accounts of how the famed scientist developed his theories on…

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  • Newton's Second Law Of Motion

    to be one of the most important. F=m(dv/dt)(Quote) F=ma Force = Mass x Acceleration (Newtons) With the use of this equation he proved that objects that are heavier fall at the same rate towards earth as objects that are lighter because the earth pulls them down with the same force. To put it in perspective a car and a feather would fall at the same universal rate of 9.8m/s^2 even though one is much heavier. Newton also figured out that the moon is held to the earth by the same force that pulls…

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  • How Did Isaac Newton's Law Contribute To Today

    It helps us when we’re dealing with money, school, and work and just about anything that you can think of. But who came up with this “math” thing? Lots of people helped contribute to the discovery of it. It wasn’t just one person. Like Isaac Newton, a very influential scientist, and indeed is the creator of Newton’s law. He made a big contribution to what we learn in school today. Although he is a very important part of history, he’s not the only one who made a difference in it. Carl…

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  • William Harvey's Extraordinary Mind

    It is not contested that William Harvey had an extraordinary mind; he was possibly one of the most highly recognized intellectuals of his time. From the time of his birth on April first, 1578 until his death in 1657, William Harvey labored indefatigably attempting to disprove the biological concepts of the time period. He was successful in his attempts as he did not solely disprove many of Galen’s theories, but also introduced many new concepts to the scientific community (Ribatti). William…

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  • The Alchemist: Democritus

    The famous alchemist, Democritus, had several views on life and how it worked and was made. “Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.” (“Democritus Quotes”). Nothing in this world is planned out and if anything is necessary to happen it will happen. According to John J. Mark, Democritus made it seem like life happens on its own and takes all the human’s decisions for their own life, yet he actually believed humans could make their own decisions within the range…

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  • Galileo Galilei's Moon Man

    In an era of human history, when nearly all aspects of life were dominated by the Catholic churches’ teachings and beliefs, a man looked to the heavens above and discovered one of the fundamental truths of the universe. Historically, Europe of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, was a time filled with great advancements in thought and culture. Despite the influence and impacts of the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods, throughout the western world, the Catholic tradition still held…

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  • Robert Hooke Research Paper

    life. He entered Westminster school at the age of 13. He then went to Oxford and became one of the greatest scientist around. Hooke became an assistant to Robert Boyle, this was influential to Hooke´s life. While he was in college, he met Dr Issac Newton and they both did numerous things together. Robert…

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  • How Did Galileo Influence The World

    Galileo's lived a successful and made many accomplishments in life; creating world changing inventions and perspectives of the world. He received support from his family and from the family he grew. He was the one of six siblings, born in Pisa, Italy February 15, 1564. As he grew up and his family moving around, he decided to travel. Even though he didn’t settle during this time but once he began his travels he met a beautiful women Marina Gamba in Venice. He didn’t quit settle down, but in the…

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  • Rene Descartes Meditations On First Philosophy

    Rene Descartes, born in the late 1500’s, was a well-known French, natural philosopher. During his time period, the Age of Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution was shifting the world. Thinkers and discovers such as Copernicus and Galileo from the method of scholasticism in the medieval times, brought new studies of modern science to this era. Scholasticism is what are past down truths that have been assumed from our knowledge of religion and philosophy throughout time. Scholasticism should…

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  • How Did Leibniz Build His Calculus

    First, Newton wrote a letter to Leibniz but it took a long time to reach him. This letter contained results that Newton obtained but not how he resulted in them. This made Leibniz realize that he must work quicker and get his methods published before Newton does. Because the letter contained this information and Newton did not get any response for a while, Newton thought Leibniz was taking his results and making them his own. So, Newton sent another letter to Leibniz. This…

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