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1. After taking my Myers Briggs quiz I am 63% introverted. I work at Starbucks in Laguna Niguel, CA. Starbucks magic happens behind the bar which has about 6 to 7 people during the morning rush and 3 to 4 people in the afternoon until closing time. I do not have an office but I do have a desk in the back. I share my desk with my shift leads as well as with my baristas if they need a place to eat or rest. My backroom is a long narrow hallway and it can feel claustrophobic at times. My desk has a laptop with a bunch of shelves over the desk, a filing cabinet under the left side and a big plastic tub with miscellaneous items in it. It is a very cramped area and the fact that it is a long hallway makes it extremely crowded at times.

2. I do not
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I have three personal items at the workplace! It is so incredible to see that my number of items is the median average. What is very interesting about the graph is that not one item that I have fits into a category. I have a coffee coaster which was given to me as a gift from one of my baristas from my previous store and I just kept it at work since I have no use for it at home. I have wireless speakers that I have so that I can listen to music while working on anything in the back room. I love music and it helps me get through my work and my last item is earbuds in case I truly need some time to myself. I guess this could show others what sort of person I am which is true by a very small percentage. I love music and everyone at work knows that about …show more content…
The first finding I am going to discuss is that having lots of people around distracts me from my work. It is so difficult to do anything when people are running around you and constantly interrupting you with questions. I am their manager and if I am there then all of my baristas tend to ask me the questions over my shift leads. I get pulled in so many directions at work by trying to balance my employees and balancing the needs of the business. I would love to have my own personal office space but I think that is just a dream for this introvert. The second finding I am going to discuss is that it is important to me that there is a “quiet area” somewhere in the office. I would love to have a quieter place but honestly, the quietest place I can get to is the bathroom. If I am at my desk my partners come up to me constantly and if I am in the lobby my customers bombard me. I love my team and my customers but I need that quiet space to gather my thoughts. I enjoy conversations at times but for the most part, I speak with my regular customers when I am out there making their drinks and such but while I have to do work in the back I have so much gone through my mind that I wish I could just hide from everyone to just focus on one thing. I struggle with this in my workplace, but I need to be as open as possible, so this is a wish that will never come to be at

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