Naturalistic Observation Of A Coffee Shop

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Coffee Shop Starbucks The main goals on a naturalistic observation are collecting systematic observations, we need to establish any relationship among any variables, correlational research and establish cause and any effect relationships. By doing an observation of any behavior we’ll learn any behavior that goes around the world, we will able to retain any element of ecological validity because the situation being studied exists in the natural ecology of the species.
It will help us establish any external validity of the research findings. By observing any behavior that occur in the real world, in real life it will very easy to say and explain the results of any general population. Choosing a coffee shop was an easy election because I like
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I took my laptop and try to accomplish my assignment and choose to seat in one of the single tables they have their which I was very lucky to find an empty space because every student that goes to college goes there and they do their homework and assignments there especially on weekends where Starbucks is pack. Starbucks is a nice very comfortable place to relax and be able to accomplish anything especially work from a college, they have a big space with large tables for anyone to enjoy their free time but again those tables are taken by the medical students early in the morning and they stay until late afternoon. Again besides the two big tables they have four small single tables, also they have four couches and the most important part of any coffee shop the front counter where you place your order. They have two extra stands for their merchandise to …show more content…
I never heard any bad complains about any of them. The only bad controversy that I heard it’s about the red cup from Starbucks, which right now is a big controversy over their red cup, it’s very simplistic-an ombre from bright red to dark cranberry. In a personal opinion I think people has too much free time to waste and they don’t have anything else to do but make controversy over nothing, a red cup means “nothing” if Starbucks choose the cup for the Christmas holidays them let them used people should be concern on what it’s going on the world like the killing of innocent people in France, Syria and other parts of the

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