Why Do Consumers Buy Starbucks

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1. Why consumers buy Starbuck?
Starbucks coffee is considered a branded coffee. Consumers are willing to pay more just to get a coffee. Consumers go to Starbucks for breaks, to think, write and create creativity. Consumer feels that they are more creative, and can get more things than anywhere else. Consumers are looking for the experience of the coffee house. Coffee lovers come for the wide selection of high quality coffee. Consumers want the ability to choose their own choice of coffee, listens to the soothing music and visit friends.
Coffee is an excellent pause from our busy works and relaxes for a moment. Coffee gives a sense of sharpness and focus, allowing them to be more attentive in their work. Howard Schultz says, “You get more than the finest coffee when you visit a Starbucks store, you get great people, first rate music, and a comfortable and upbeat meeting place.”
2. Starbucks Consumer Decision Making
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More and more consumers are pulled to use mobile payments as it is more convenient compared to carrying cash. In America, about 10million customers pay through the mobile app within 4 years ( introduce in 2009 ). Mobile app allows busy consumers to quickly grab a cup of coffee on the way to work without queuing in line. The app also works as a platform for Starbucks to promote special deals and offers. Consumers can enjoy discounts, rewards and convenience of mobile payments while receiving more products offers.
7.2 Health Conscious Consumer
Starbucks is taking the advantage of its brand to move from coffee industry to the juice market. In the current social trend, consumer is beginning to be more health conscious and wants to maintain good health. Fresh fruits and vegetable juice with no addictive trend has become a meal replacement. Consumers want fresh healthy juice because it brings lots of health benefits such as heart health, heightened immunity digestive benefits and weight management.
7.3 Gift

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