Starbucks In Turkey Case Study

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Ai Liu
MBA642 Marketing Management
Professor Pradeep Gopalakrishna
Starbucks in Turkey
Discussion Questions
1. Has Starbucks has done well in Turkey? What are some of the common growth drivers in terms of consumer characteristics, market characteristics, and entry strategies across USA and Turkey that might account for Starbucks’ success?

Starbucks has been successful in Turkey since it understood the challenges that it would face in the new venture. One of the strategies used was employing Can Ikinci, a manager who had sufficient knowledge of the market. Can Ikinci was qualified with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University coupled with an MBA from Wharton. Further, he got acquainted with the European
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They also offer a variety of drinks, which include teas, iced coffee, and expresso based coffee drinks. They not only adjusted to the local environment, but also provided their unique products. Therefore, this supported the fact that Turkish coffee had a significant role in their culture. The actual product benefits include the quality of the coffee offered, branding of coffee products into various varieties such as iced coffee, and the styles of introducing new products through public relations and marketing events. Starbucks boasts augmented product benefits such as the provision of exceptional services through serving customers with passion, provision of warrants through product testing in case of a new product. Lastly, elaborate customer care through explaining the philosophy of Starbucks to …show more content…
Is Starbucks using a standardization, localization or hybrid marketing strategy in Turkey?

The entry of Starbucks into the Turkish market was based on localization. In all the outlets that were opened, the company localized its operations such that they would fit into the local culture where the stores were operating. Localization enhances the ability of the business to cater for the needs of the local population in Turkey where the stores are located. On the other hand, the sales increased since the stores received more customers from the surrounding areas. The strategy also made it possible for the stores to be designed in a manner that they would accommodate the unique needs of the local population.
However, the products of Starbucks into the Turkey were a hybrid marketing strategy. Starbucks’s marketers knew that Turkey has a profound culture of coffee, they could not ignore the local coffee habit, but they also wanted to innovate. They brought western style coffee culture into Turkey, this kind of coffee cultural fusion had newness, more and more local customers were attracted.
Above all, I believe Starbucks is using a hybrid marketing strategy in

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