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might impact the strategic position of a firm.
New market entrants are the second in Porter’s model. This force can help the Starbucks for analysis of the industry environment to know about their competitors. Besides, when this firm want to join into a new market entrance, this firm can face any barriers to entry. When the number of barriers to entrant is higher, so the threaten of a new entrant to the industry are smaller. Refer to economies scale of coffee they didn’t put a high premium. As we know this industry are didn’t put this action because when the firm are linked with national distribution this firm was get a discount when this firm was buying the raw material through bulk purchase. Therefore, when this firm are join to market entrant
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This firm use marketing mix as a way to developing their brand and quality was popularity to the customers. Therefore, the Starbucks company use the marketing mix to ensure their firm are successfully promote the right products at the right prices and place to their customers. Firstly, about the product this firm was innovate their product to ensure their product successful in market. There are several of product from Starbucks was innovate such as coffee, tea, pastries, Frappuccino beverages, smoothies, and merchandise (mugs, instant coffee, etc.). For example, in 1994 Starbucks was added Frappuccino into line after The Coffee Connection acquired. This company make innovation to their product because there has their goal to offer new product to the customer and keep their customer with their new …show more content…
In addition, Starbucks use the main places such as cafes, online store, Starbucks app, and retailer to distribute the products. For instance, when company use main places such as online store it can help the customer to reduce time to order the food or products from this firm. Therefore, it can help to increase a customer satisfaction. Besides, Starbucks App can help the firm to promote about the merchandise item that firm produce to customer.
Thirdly, promotions is very important tool to advertise the product to the customer. Moreover, Starbucks use advertising to advertise their product through pamphlet, television and internet. Besides, public relations the Starbucks do one campaign to promote or introduce the product to the public people. Furthermore, use sales promotions when customers who have Starbucks card can redeem their point to get the item or product from

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