Business Strategy And Nike's Four Competitive Forces Model

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2. Porters competitive forces model has four generic strategies each of which is enabled by using information technology and systems low cost leadership, product differentiation, focus on market niche, and strengthening customers and supplier intimacy. Utilizing Porters models and information systems allows companies to be competitive because they are able to see other companies new products within the same markets, and allows suppliers to better serve those businesses more effectively and efficiently.
- Porters model gives a good view of the four competitive forces, they include: new market entrants, suppliers, substitute products, and customers. These component show the strategic position of the firm.
- It basically explains competitive
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Low-cost leadership- the leader in this strategy is Wal-Mart they have utilized their inventory replenishment system, this system keep the shelves stocked at all times because it sends a message directly to supplies whenever something is purchased. 2. Product differentiation-keeping new products coming to customers through new product innovations is the name of the game for Apple. 3. Market Niche- Specializing in your customers is a unique way to keep individual customers very happy. Nike allows their customers to make their own custom pair of shoes. 4. Customer/Supplier Intimacy- this focuses on customer loyalty and one leader in this is Amazon, they get repeat customers often because of their outstanding customer service …show more content…
The value chain model and the vaule web coinside nicely with one another, the value chain gives prpose to each step in the chain and the web sort of messes it all together hopfully producing the best business model and best products for consumers. With that being said these models can show a business where an information system will make the business or product better or allow them to see clearly what the customer wants. For example if customers want to be able to customize their socks to match their customized Nike shoes than the systems should work together to get this message to the company and they can create a system that allows customer to do just that. With these type of systems in place customer-business relation would be sorely lacking.
-The value chain model is different from Porters model because it is more specific and provides a exact approach to get to the desired competitive advantage rather than just ideas of what will work. The chain is series of events that help give worth to the firm’s products and

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