Personal Narrative: The Demon King

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It all ended on a Monday in Utah at exactly 7:15 pm. When I describe myself as a white haired, red eyed, and average weight and height 15 year old people think I'm albino. Its actually the opposite I'm a bit tanned in fact. Well after deciding to walk around the park for ten minutes I decided to go home. By then it was 7:10 pm and after walking for another five minutes I took a breather. When I was finished I started walking again then I heard a ''chink!'' And looked down. I dropped my wallet , but when I went to pick it up my hand looked like a flashlight in a thick fog barely see able. I looked around and found that my blue jeans were now a gray color , and that my orange shirt and black vest were nearly completely invisible along with …show more content…
"Then I should go too the hero is new here and he needs a guide so I should do it since I know this area the best." Jademin said with a sound in her voice that said "I won't take no for an answer." , And she looked very serious. "No. You are only 15 years of age and you'll be a bother to the hero." When I finally convinced him that it would be okay we set of on our journey. That very same day we set out on our journey , and me with two big cleavers for killing monsters and Jademin with her magic light staff we seemed unstoppable. When we got to the woods it was dusk , so we looked for a shelter and found a cave. Upon entering the cave we found two stones with an unnatural …show more content…
I took the stones , and placed them each into my cleavers with a hole that just the right size. Then we saw a ladder we climbed them not even fathoming what we were about to see. When we got to the top we saw it we saw him the Demon king a being of pure evil. He suddenly was right next to us I barely had time to turn around when he threw Jademin to the other half of the room. When I comprehended what happened I charged him and he dodged. I repeated the move over and over again the last charge I barely scraped him when my cleavers made a blinding light , and the demon king disappeared never to be seen again most likely I thought. Then I remembered Jademin and rushed over when I rushed over she gained conciseness , and I breathed a sigh of

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