Basketball By James Naismith: The Invention Of Basketball

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The invention took place back in the 1891 . This sport was invented by James Naismith , Mr.Naismith was born on November 6 1861. He taught multiple sports for kids to interact with like Physical education which was used in many schools you may know it by the name P.E . This class would have many different sports you are welcome to play. Naismith had gotten an idea of the game of basketball when he realized what all an football and a soccer ball are capable of doing.
Naismith was told by many other that he had a certain amount of days to invent a winter / indoor sport it was beginning to get cold outside and you were not able to go out and play baseball or tennis etc. First ball that was ever to be used in the idea of an basketball was a soccer
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They even made it to where you can get a scholarship in basketball for college then if you were good turn around and go pro in basketball for both males and females. Sports has gotten to the point where they will pay you just for being good at it . You would even have people come out and watch how good your were and how you played the sports with other people those people were called scouts. From basketball you could go many places and this is because of Naismith he created something that made the world change and also people. Made it to where people want to get better at it. In today’s life this sport has changed many people and today any age is welcomed to play you can start really young playing this sport.
Basketball is one of the best things trending in today’s world. Many people play this sport today and it is legal in all areas of the U.S and it is also overseas as well.
You may know that during basketball season at schools that are looking forward to a the end of the season if they are doing well. They are looking forward to a Dean Smith award which was a award way back he was honored to be a great coach at basketball which they celebrate his honor after every boys basketball season to show respect and

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