Essay: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College players receive an athletic scholarship which pays for the education, but nothing else. The majority of football and basketball players can not afford food, and some can’t even afford college. Getting a full scholarship is undoubtedly a very valuable opportunity for the players to have a fantastic education, but many division one student athletes go for sports rather than education. Once the athlete is on campus, the students receive one meal a day that is included from the NCAA but that is it. Division One basketball, and football athletes, should be paid. The National Collegiate Athletic Association can afford to give all Division One athletes money. The NCAA agreed with CBS to televise March Madness for a price of 10.8 billion …show more content…
High school basketball recruits who have very little to no money, are starting to play overseas to make money. Emmanuel Mudiay, a rookie point guard who was drafted by the Denver Nuggets, decided to decline all the scholarships from colleges and play oversea. Mudiay received a one year, 1.2 million dollar contract with Guangdong Tigers which is a team in China. He also received a shoe deal from Under Armor as soon as he signed his contract to play overseas. But it 's not just playing overseas that will become popular, but back when the NBA was founded to 2008, some players didn’t go to college. Forty-one players went to the NBA straight out of college ( have been some unbelievable players, and some busts. But some of the great players are: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Tracey Mcgrady, and Moses Malone are all players who came straight out of high school into the draft. Five of the six players are arguably hall of fame worthy and potentially all of them are. All six of these NBA legend’s have one thing in common, they didn’t go to college because they needed money. People can say that they thought that they were good enough, but it ultimately had to do with making money. The NBA is turning into money first, then wins because basketball careers don’t last long. The average year for an NBA player playing in the NBA is 4.8 years. ( The worst thing that could happen to any athlete is a career ending or serious injury. And some of the injuries can be life

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