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  • Emulsion Independent Research Project Paper

    Emulsion Independent Research Project A combined effort of Timothy Chase Willard and Marcus Bortey of Mr. Cork’s Second Period chemistry class December sixteenth of 2014 Background Information An emulsion is a mixture of two or more chemicals in liquid form with no mutual solubility. Emulsions are part of two-systems of matter called colloids. Colloids are particles that cannot be seen without the use of a microscope, but are larger than the size of the individual molecules involved in the emulsion. Usually the combination of a water, or water like substance and a oil, or lipid based substance together. The mixture is mixed thoroughly, usually by means of mechanical force, like shaking, forming a solution, resulting in a homogenized solution.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Iv Therapy

    in to the blood stream. When speaking about Intravenous Cannulation, the introduction of two terms arise , with their own very unique, special and extremely important characteristics. Colloid solutions and Crystalloid solutions.(Case, 2013) Discussion: Crystalloids & Colloids Crystalloid solutions are the most frequently used, with normal saline (NS) and lactated ringers (LR) both being the most often and common choices across the globe. Colloids are the alternative to the previous…

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  • Colloidal System Essay

    1.1 Overview: In a research lab, Mr. Z trying to formulate a colloidal dispersion system with sodium lauryl sulphate. What type of colloidal system is suitable for sodium laurly sulphate and also we have to discuss the different stability factors for sodium laurly sulphate dispersion. 1.2 Solution to the question: Introduction of colloids: Colloids are homogeneous non-crystalline substances. Here one substance is divide into more minute particles called colloidal particles and then it…

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  • Canine Parvovirus Enteritis

    generally occurs in 3-7 days. For patients who do not receive aggressive and appropriate treatment, the mortality rates increase substantially. Death is generally due to sepsis and/or dehydration. Correcting dehydration and electrolyte imbalances and reducing further fluid loss is critical to successfully managing these patients. For most patients this requires hospitalization on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, antiemetics, and GI protectants as the mainstay of treatment. Once a patient is hydrated,…

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  • Fluid Balance In Nursing

    action of the heart pumping and the effect of gravity on blood flow creates hydrostatic pressure while osmotic pressure is created and generated by the molecules in the solution (Scales & Pilsworth, 2008). The molecules that generate the osmotic pressure are usually large protein molecules, referred to as colloid molecules, which will be discussed in more detail (McGloin, 2015). Understanding the movement of electrolytes and water within the body is crucial for intravenous fluid…

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  • Eurasian Otters Essay

    The salts aggregated into a colloid state as small molecule, and with added urate they increase in size. Ammonium ions are the most prone to become flakes and leave the colloid suspension causing buildup of aggregates that obstruct the urinary tract. The article found that dietary purine helps to increase the amount of uric acid being excreted. These types of uroliths are not common in most mammals with the exception of Dalmatian dogs, humans, apes, and Eurasian otters because they lack uricase…

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  • Calcium Research Paper

    the common charge amongst NZ soils. Opposite charges attract, therefore, cations will be attracted to the soil surface, not anions (like charges repel). This is electrostatic attraction, which will cause cation exchange. Cation exchange is the exchange between the cations held on the soil colloid surface and the soil solution. Since Calcium is a cation (Ca2+), this will be attracted to the anions. Furthermore, because Calcium is a divalent cation, it will be held more strongly than a monovalent…

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  • Tin Dioxide Essay

    The scientific investigation of colloid sand their properties was reported by Faraday (1857) in his experiments with gold. He used the term “divided metals” to describe the material which he produced. Zsigmondy (1905)describes the formation of a red gold sol which is now understood to comprise particles in the 10 nm size range. Throughout the last century the field of colloid science has developed enormously and has been used to produce many materials including metals, oxides, organic sand…

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  • Anatomy And Physiology Essay Questions

    skeletal contracts independently. Cardiac cells also contain longer refractory period than skeletal therefore tetanic contractions don’t occur. Cardiac cells cannot function without oxygen, they require aerobic respiration meanwhile if skeletal muscles don’t have oxygen they can go through fermentation. 3. The capillary blood pressure is one of the forces that determine fluid movements across capillary walls. This pressure has to be low, because it’s too high it’s possible to rupture the…

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  • Microscopyrrole Synthesis Essay

    techniques for morphological and structural confirmations. The dc- electrical conductivity of PPy-Au NCs was tested by two probe method. The electrical conductivity of the PPy-Au NC prepared was found to be 0.1582 S/cm, whereas that of pure PPy was found to be 0.00985 S/cm at room temperature. The activation energy (Ea) for PPy-Au NC found to be 32.21 meV, which is much smaller than that of pure PPy (44.87 meV). This is a simple and effective way by which properties of polypyrrole may be…

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