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  • Essay On Unlawful Arrest

    To understand unlawful arrest an individual must know that a Peace Officer (police officer) that took an oath to swear, to protect and to obey the law can only make an arrest of an individual that has probable cause to believe that he or she has committed a crime. Probable Cause foundation is based off the reasonable belief that a person has committed, is in the process of committing and is about to commit a crime. Peace Officer (police officer) cannot make nor rely upon hunches or profiling to establish probable cause to make the arrest. (Unlawful Arrests & Related Civil Claims, 2003). Probable cause is the standard by which police authorities have reason to obtain a warrant for the arrest of a suspected criminal. In most police academy police…

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  • Criminal Procedure To Affect An Arrest

    officer must be duly authorised by statute to arrest the suspect, with or without a warrant . In order to affect an arrest, the arrestor must exercise physical control over the arrestee . Except for situations where the arrestee submits to the control of the arrester, the arrester may affect the arrest by touching the person of the arrestee or detaining his person by force . The degree of force legally permitted in arresting or attempting to affect an arrest is provided for in section 49 of the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Decriminalizing Drugs

    America. Contrary to this, would decriminalizing drugs in America have a negative effect on the nation, or an adverse one? Drug arrests in the United States reached over 1.5 million, in 2014 and 83% of those arrests were for possession alone. This is why many Americans are not opposed to the idea of decriminalizing drugs. With that being said, many Americans also feel as though the process…

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  • The Case Of Steven Avery

    community. In 1985, Steven was arrested in his home at about 11:50 at night, charged with rape an assault against someone named Penny Bernsteen. Penny was attacked on a beach nearby her house where she was going on a run. A man she’s never seen before attacked and sexually assaulted her. When she went to the police station and gave a description, Judy Dvorak instantly said “Oh that sounds an awful lot like Steven Avery” and from there this case was centered on Avery. The police only showed…

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  • Police Arrest

    Police System: Prior to an arrest of a crime is going through an investigation. When the police have decided that a crime has been committed, afterwards the police decide whether it is worth investigating or not. If they then decide it is worth it, they have to think about how carefully they are going to have to investigate. The basic idea of an investigation is to search for any type of evidence that associates the person to the specific crime that was committed. An example of this would be if…

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  • Constable Wee Pros And Cons

    PART I – Arrest of LEE and legal obligations There are a number of legal issues surrounding the arrest of Mr LEE by Constable YOUNG. These legal issues commence shortly after the intercept which is for a relatively minor traffic matter which first presents itself to the police. At the point when when LEE attempts to leave neither he nor YEOH have committed an offence where there is a power of arrest by the attending officers. LEE is a passenger and has really little to do with YEOH and his…

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  • Injustice In The Criminal Justice System

    Common examples include police officers abusing the law while they are supposed to ensure that others are upholding it, and lawyers taking advantage of a client because there is no other option for said client. Abuse of power is not uncommon, as many police officers maintain the persona of being better than the criminals they arrest, therefore demeaning them, even before they are even convicted. *Insert article about abuse of power* *Small intro to Cesar, 33 year old…

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  • Michael Brown Argumentative Essay

    police department violates the 4th amendment, but the one that caught my attention the most was the incident in July of 2013. The DOJ describes the incident as racial discrimination and unlawful detention (2014, p. 17). The report articulates that the Ferguson police officers ran into an African American man while they were in the process of coming to arrest another person. Instead, the police officers arrested the man they ran into in the parking lot and ran his record without any reasonable…

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  • Conrad Zdzierk Research Paper

    Zdzierk, a white polish man, used “hyper realistic” mask to disguise himself as a black man as he robbed several banks in Ohio. While the mask is realistic looking, the fact that he used this mask as a way to evade the police and cause another man to be arrested in his place is a horrible reality. I was unable to find a picture of the wrongly accused man to compare to the mask, but the fact that a mask caused an innocent man to be arrested is baffling. Regardless of how closely mask’s appearance…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Police Misinterpretation

    enforcing a backup cruiser to be present when an arrest or questioning is taking place. For some officers is it simple as to why they have recording devices on their personnel, for protection. When an individual looks to recoding devices as a means of protection, some would think that both parties would desire to have access to these safety devices. Bystanders around a person being arrested or in correlation with an officer would want just as much protection as the next person. People want to be…

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