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  • Opes Prime Stockbroking Case Study

    In 2003, Opes Prime Stockbroking was founded in a growing margin lending market, where investors borrow money to invest in forms of shares or managed funds, with the security of their existing cash, shares or managed funds. The amount that they are able to borrow depends on their securities on their portfolio, and the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and the credit limit depend on the investors’ financial position. Opes Prime Stockbroking lent with a high LVR up to 95%, meaning that a client could borrow up to 95% of the value of the speculative shares he owned. As more speculative shares were invested by clients, and this also added the credit risk to the company. It did not follow the margin lending rule, instead, it managed agreements with external client investor, at the same time, it sold these clients’ shares to ANZ and Merrill Lynch, and they would only get what was left after ANZ and Merrill Lynch were paid out. External client investors weren’t aware about the documents and agreements they had signed, and become unsecured under the illegal operations of the Opes Prime Company. ANZ and Merrill Lynch were the two large secured creditors of the Opes Prime Company who owed $650 million and $350 million respectively. Hence all the legal title of share portfolios that were owned by Opes Prime’s investors has been transferred to those creditors that it had signed the agreements with. When the agreed level of an investor’s investments falls below the VLR, a margin call may have to…

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  • Analysis Of Collateral Beauty

    trailer of Collateral Beauty voiced by Will Smith. An extremely powerful trailer that includes well known and award nominated actors. Firstly, I saw a poster of this movie in the metro, the first thing I noticed was Will Smith -- as he was the center of attention in the poster which, therefore, was enough for grabbing my attention and interest. According to the article, The Cobra: Inside A Movie Maker’s Playbook by T. Friend posters, billboards, and newspaper advertising is known to be the 15…

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  • Film Collateral Analysis

    Collateral: Crime and Fear in Los Angeles The city of Los Angeles is a bustling and attractive home to millions of people who walk and drive amongst each other hundreds of times each day, sometimes sharing a meal or a seat on the bus. The atmosphere of the streets and cafés of may invoke feelings of comfort and happiness, especially when spending time with friends and strangers alike. However, there is a more sinister and hollowed part of the city which director Michael Mann depicts in his 2004…

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  • Asymmetrical Warfare In Najmah's War

    (AGG) “Asymmetrical warfare is a euphemism for terrorism, just like collateral damage is a euphemism for killing innocent civilians.” a quote from Alan Dershowitz which connects directly to the novel. (BS-1) Similarly, an act of pragmatic collateral damage caused Najmah to lose and subsequently search out her family. (BS-2) This same empirical bombing prompts Najmah’s distrust of people. (BS-3) Finally, a practical bombing kills Faiz, creating lack of communication which causes Nusrat to…

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  • Collateral Learning In Video Games Analysis

    Steve Johnson quoted John Dewey’s writing: “The greatest of all pedagogical fallacies is the notion that a person only learns that particular thing he is studying at the time. Collateral learning in the way of formation of enduring attitudes . . . is much more important than the [lesson] that is learned.” From this, Johnson draws the conclusion that collateral learning, in video games, “goes beyond the explicit content of the experience”(494). That statement shows that even more so than all of…

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  • Analysis Of Max's Character In The Film Collateral

    In films, and in life, events and other individuals can affect and mold one’s character. In literature and film, these changes to an individual’s personality are collectively called one’s character development. Often times the protagonist, as well as minor characters, change throughout the film as a result of life changes, and drastic situations. Other characters, particularly the antagonists of the film, can also have a severe impact on the protagonist’s development. This is exactly the case in…

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  • Torn Meniscus Research Paper

    age when you are putting pressure and twisting your knee in different directions (“Meniscal Tears”). Football, hockey, basketball, and everyday walking can cause the meniscus to tear with the wrong turn in the knee (Werdo). “A forceful twist or sudden stop can cause the end of the femur to grind into the top of the tibia, pinching and potentially tearing the cartilage of the meniscus” (Werdo). Getting older, an excessive amount of weight gained, and just day to day routine of walking and…

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  • Chapter Two Similarities Between Prisons And Jails

    In similar words John Irwin, a jail’s primary purpose is to receive and hold persons who are offensive. Furthermore, Michelle Alexander states in the very beginning of chapter two that the prisons and jails are meant to hold people as the law enforcement’s main goal is to keep the streets clean and safe. Both writers are aware that these allegations are not the case in reality. Both authors did very well on their part about explaining who gets arrested and why, with of course having a few…

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  • Car Parts Store Swot Analysis

    The key parties are George, John, the customers, the owner of the car parts store, and John’s family. George is one of the key parties and what George has at stake is his friendship with John if George chooses to confront John resulting in a conflict if John chooses not to heed George’s advice. George will then have to face the difficult decision if he is unable to persuade John to listen, to be a “rat” and tell the owner/other managers or authorities about what John is doing since it is illegal…

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  • Floating Charge Case Study

    The UK already implemented the directive in The Financial Collateral Arrangements (No.2) Regulations 2003. The regulations contain two categories, title transfer financial collateral arrangements and security financial collateral arrangements. Security financial collateral arrangement is the arrangement where the collateral provider creates a security interest over financial collateral and the financial collateral is delivered, transferred, held, registered or otherwise designated so as to be in…

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