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  • Specialised Nerve Impulses

    Calcium salts give the bone its hard texture and are shaped around the collagen fibres. What are collagen fibres? The collagen fibre allows the bones to bend under strain and stops the risk of the bones fracturing due to them being brittle. Bones are able to withstand weight; the bones protect tissues such as the heart, lungs and brain, as they are the weaker tissues. Some bones contain bone marrow whereas others the bones marrow produces blood cells that are vital for the body The bones cells are called osteocytes, these cells are located in the matrix on rings which are known as lamellae, the rings system is called osteone or a haversain system. It is in the osteone where the blood vessels and nerves pass through the hollow centre. The responsibilities of the bones is to allow tendons to attach themselves to them, provide support…

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  • Macrophages: A Case Study

    is similar, although keloids grow beyond wound margins. KELOIDS Keloids represent a pathological response to cutaneous injury resulting in disfiguring scars with no known satisfactory treatment (Figure 1). Skin injuries such as burns, inflammation, surgery or minor trauma,insect bite induce an overabundant ECM deposition, especially collagen41. Even the spontaneous development of keloids has been discussed 42 but may be the result of a minor, overlooked trauma. Pathophysiology of keloid A…

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  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Research Papers

    dominate mutation in a gene coding for type 1 collagen. Types VII and VIII, are recessive and the gene mutation has been identified, while types…

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  • Dentin Adhesion Essay

    INTRODUCTION : The concept of dentin adhesion presently used involves the nanomechanical retention which is due to polymerisation of hydrophilic monomers around acid exposed collagen fibres.1 The entanglement of these monomers within the exposed collagen fibres gives rise to the so called Hybrid layer , which is also referred as Resin infiltrated Dentin layer.2 The presence of hybrid layer is important for attainment of a leakage free interface between the cavity walls and resin composite.2…

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  • Osteomyelitis In The Human Skeletal System

    While the structure of the collagen is normal, there is less collagen than there should be. There is little or no bone deformity, bones fracture easily, most often occurs before puberty. The effects of osteogenesis imperfecta may extend to the teeth, making them prone to cavities and cracking. The whites of the eyes may have a blue, purple, or gray tint. (sclera) Hearing loss, often begins in 20’s or 30’s. Triangular face. They have few obvious signs of this…

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  • Achilles Tendinopathy Essay

    tendinopathy in adults? Tendinopathy is known as an overuse injury and often linked to patients who participate in sports which involve repetitive running and jumping, however one third of all patients live a non-active life style (Habets et al., 2014). Eccentric loading, injections, shockwave therapy, modified rest and NSAID’S are all management strategies suggested over the years for the management & treatment of Achilles tendinopathy, this collection of proposed actions for treatment has…

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  • Carbohydrate Benefits

    Carbohydrate and fat are the other macro nutrients that provide calories. They play important roles in wound healing. Carbohydrates break down into glucose, the major fuel for collagen synthesis. Carbohydrate will still make up 50-60% of the diet. This is important since glucose is the body’s main source of energy for healing and for cell repair and for proper brain function. Some fat is also essential in every diet. Typically, the recommend amount of total fat is 30%. Unsaturated fat such as…

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  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Essay

    that break by even the slightest touch. According to an article, osteogenesis imperfecta “rare genetic disorder that in the large majority of cases is caused by mutations in genes that code for collagen type I” Brittle bones disease is a relatively rare disease affecting close to 1 in every 30,000 live births or 1 in every 60,000 live births for OI Type II. There are 4 different genes that produce the collagen needed for healthy bone development. These genes, if defective, can cause 8 variations…

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  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI)

    the lack of Type One Collagen. There are eight recognized forms of Osteogenesis Imperfecta ranging from Type I to Type VIII. Different signs and symptoms can differentiate the eight types of OI. My research is focused on OI Type I, which by the way is the mildest and least severe form of this…

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  • Which Additives Make The Strongest Gelatin Essay

    I. Science Fair Question Which additives make the strongest gelatin? II. Background Research Have you ever wondered how gelatin gets its shape? This experiment is going to test which additives make gelatin stronger. In learning about this project, there were many new terms in the sources used. Some of them will be discussed in this paper (gelatin, collagen, protein, tensile force, amino acid, triple helix, collagen fiber, and tensile strength). …

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