Reflection On Environmentalism

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The environment is a broad category and is intertwined in a complex relationship with human interactions that depict and impact the current environmental state; some for the better and some for the worse. It is important to understand the human relations and social struggle that we as individuals face in order to apprehend how it affects the environment. Ayiko Soloman, a Wilfrid Laurier graduate, spend a fair amount of years providing humanitarian support and aid to people in Uganda and has experienced many devastating effects from the negative human contact and thus has placed great importance on his family and the support that he has. What inspired me was his emphasis on how blessed he felt to live in Canada as it allowed him access to the …show more content…
Myeengun spoke about resistance towards environmental issues and how future generations are dependent on a suitable environment while Terrylynn spoke about nurturance and doing environmental deeds with a “good mind” and Monique and Ayiko brought an inspirational ideology of perseverance and family that once all combined together, generate a new definition and conception of environmentalism. After viewing and taking in the compelling voices of the guest speakers, I can now alter my definition of environmentalism to one as follows; a social movement that consists of forms of resistance towards environmental degradation that contains acts of perseverance, that once completed with a good mind, has the ability to strengthen our environment and increase the sufficiency to create an appropriate and healthy earth for our future generations. Environmentalism I learned does not have to include global or mass movements, instead it can include individuals taking time out of their full time jobs to give back to the environment, to share their concerns, and more importantly, to educate students and future generations about the future state of the environment. It is once we become introduced to different forms of environmental action that we then truly begin to fully recognize concerns in our eco system and understand the vulnerability of our environment and come up with different solutions. We have all personally felt the devastating effects of climate change, land deterioration, and crop deterioration, yet there is still a lack of environmental concern which makes citizens wonder if such solutions such as ones provided by the guest speakers (petitions, shared knowledge) is enough to start an

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