Attention Getter For Climate Change

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Cause and effects of Climate Change.

General purpose: to inform.

Specific purpose: After listening my speech my audience will know what is climate change, what causes it and its effects?

Thesis Statement: Climate change is a very important issue that affects all of us.

Organization pattern: Cause and effect.


I. (Attention-getter): How do you explain that 30 years ago we had a different weather than today? When you look at yourself in a dirty mirror; can you see your image very well? The same occurs when the sunrays reflect on the sea and that reflection can’t be release into space because gasses in the atmosphere block their exit to out of space causing the planet to get warmer.

II. Climate change is how weather has changed
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Main point: What is Climate Change?

According to the Australian Academy of Science, Climate change is define as a change in the statistical properties of the climate system that persists for several decades or longer—usually at least 30 years.

The weather that we have or may have is a reflection of our atmosphere and the atmosphere is influenced by the oceans, land surfaces and ice sheets. Together they form the climate system. How we treat this group is going to be the outcome in our weather.

Transition: Now that you know what Climate Change is, I will tell you what causes it.

II. What causes Global Warming? Global warming is a complex phenomenon that can occur by different reasons.

A. Global Warming caused due to nature.

a) Solar Irradiance: changes in energy from the sun.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Earth 's temperature depends on the balance between energy entering and leaving the planet’s system. That means that when the energy from the sun is absorbed by The Earth, the planet warms while when the sun’s energy is reflected back the Earth cools.

b) Volcanoes: emission of gasses after
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III. What are the effects of Global Warming?

According to a report of the U.S. Global Change Research Program

a) Temperatures will continue to raise, all the habitants on Earth are experimenting this changes around the world.

b) Changes in precipitations patterns

c) Heat waves and droughts

d) Hurricanes will be more intense although we are seeing this now; scientific predict it will be devastating in the future; causing losses on crops and an increase of diseases.

e) Sea level will rise from 1-4 feet by 2100 causing many people to migrate, although this is happening in many places in India.

f) Artic likely to become ice free because the heat trapped is already melting ice in Greenland, and scientists said it will continue if nobody takes action now.


In conclusion I would like to share this phrase from the actor and environmentalist Ian Somerhalder: “The environment is in us, not outside of us. The trees are our lungs, the river our bloodstream. We are all interconnected, and what you do to the environment, ultimately you do to yourself.” – Ian

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