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  • How Did Jane Addams Contribute To Social Reform

    solve the country's growing social problems. In 1888, Addams and her college friend, Ellen Gates Starr,(who helped her form Hull House) visited Toynbee Hall, the two women observed college-educated Englishmen "settling" in desperately poor East London slum where they helped the people. This gave her the idea for Hull House. Although America held a democratic ideal, democracy had made little attempt in social affairs. Addams believed in equal opportunity for all citizens of the United States. She felt there should be fairness and justice in society. Immigrants and blacks were suffering with poor living and social conditions and yet nobody was doing anything to solve these problems. The people that had money and could do something about it for example libraries, clubhouses and any social life were blocks away and still did not do anything to help. But not Jane she could not just sit and let the world go on uneducated and unjust. Addams believed that schooling was very important for the young people, yet many children were not receiving teaching after age twelve. Addams felt that all people should have the same opportunities to better their things in their life. Most blacks and immigrants at this time did not have the same opportunities as whites. This was part of the reasons she started the settlement houses because there should be care for all human beings as individuals. Jane Addams and Ellen Starr moved into Hull House on September 18, 1889. They started their program by…

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  • How Did Jane Addams Change America

    match-girls strike which opened up her eyes to the working conditions and lack of worker’s rights of the lower class. She also met Frederic Harrison, a British jurist and historian. Harrison inspired her interest in Positivist philosophy, an idea that all knowledge is based on sensory information, formed through reason and logic (Scott). These experiences crystallized the idea of what she wanted to do with her life. Addams later wrote that after this trip she “gradually became convinced that it…

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  • Jane Addams And Ethical Leadership

    Jane Addams took her talents and desire to help on a greater scale after a trip to Toynbee Hall in London with a friend, Ellen Gates Starr, the future co-founder of the Hull House. The inspiration they felt at this home for the poor was enough to be carried back with them and put to use. Her personal hardships were overcome, and for the greater good of the people, she pushed through and made their idea a reality, knowing that a large portion of the population would greatly benefit from their…

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  • Laura Jane Addams: The American Dream

    her later work. In August of 1883, Jane and her stepmother were going to Europe. Jane was beyond excited to visit Europe and see parks, palaces, cathedrals, and museums. One saturday night in London, a missionary took tourist to a food auction in a poor neighborhood, as Jane watched she saw an old man dig in the trash in search for food (McPherson 22). All the hunger and sorrow she saw impacted her more than all the big beautiful buildings, witnessing all the this encouraged her even more to…

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  • The Progressivism Movement In The 19th Century

    Among the men and women who tried to improve the living conditions of residents was a woman named Jane Addams. She co-founded the Hull House in 1889 with Ellen Starr. The location of it was a run-down mansion at the center of an inner-city ward thick with sweatshops, factories and crowded tenements. The settlement house was founded three years after Stanton Coit established the first on New York’s Lower East Side and it provided things like kindergarten for children and clinics for the sick.…

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  • Jane Addams's The Subjective Necessity For Social Settlements

    In Twenty Years at Hull-House, Jane Addams described her mission for the Hull-House in Chicago to offer a center for educational learning and to improve the city 's conditions. The Hull-House was successful in achieving her mission by offering classes to gain domestic and educational skills and opened opportunities for young women. Although, the lack of immediate response to social problems by the government and the ethnic divide between the neighborhood and the residents of the house limited…

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  • Lutheran Settlement House Business Analysis

    Lutheran Settlement House is really the only social service agency within the community. It has been providing services to Fishtown and the Philadelphia area since 1902. The services since then may have changed but it’s core mission of “empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through an integrated program of social, educational, and advocacy services” has not ("History | Lutheran Settlement House | Empowering Children, Adults, Families, and…

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  • The Impact Of The Settlement House Movement

    Before and during the settlement house movement, conditions in the city slums were horrific. Sanitation was deplorable, most waste, human and otherwise, was thrown into the street and people lived in tenement houses where if one was lucky, their family got an entire room. People’s working conditions were not much better, they worked with heavy machinery in factories from dawn till dusk, averaging 14 hour days throughout the year and still didn’t make enough to properly support their family.…

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  • Jane Addam's Influence On American Women

    public service. Addams was born with a painful spinal condition, she later underwent surgery to relieve the pain but her family insisted she attend a local college because of her condition. She graduated from Rockford Seminary in 1882, this was a time when women were experiencing much greater access to higher education, Addams even had the opportunity to attend medical school, but dropped out after one semester to find a grander purpose for her life. Addams wanted to accomplish something with…

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  • Jane Addams Role In Social Reform

    Jane Addams is an early leader in woman’s suffrage and a pioneer settlement worker in social reform in the United States. She is an exceptional woman who advanced the welfare of working class for adults and children, by political advocacy and by providing practical opportunities. She wanted to help immigrants with education and to have a better life in the city. She believed that women should make their voices heard in legislation and should have the right to vote. Addams studied the effects of…

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