Gene expression

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  • Gene Expression Signs

    suffer from the same type of cancer often have very similar genetic defects, scientists have begun to focus on gene-expression signatures as molecular diagnostic tests, so that medically relevant therapies can be utilized in the treatment of cancer patients.1 In addition, gene-expression signatures can display a poor prognosis signature in small, newly developing tumors, helping to indicate early on which…

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  • Epigenetic Gene Expression

    a person will have blue eyes and brown hair, or brown eyes and red hair. This already complex system, half of the organism’s mother’s genes, and half of its father’s genes – or in some cases all of its mother’s gene, like a clone – is even more complex than previously thought before. There is this new, and interesting concept that alters gene expression as they live. This new concept, called epigenetics, is what makes even identical twins, genetically different. Epigenetics is the study of…

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  • Social Factors Influencing Gene Expression

    DNA gives cells the potential for specific behavior, but this potential will only be realized if the gene is expressed. A gene is expressed if the DNA is transcribed into RNA and then converted into a protein. These proteins can have many different effects on the cell, such as metabolism or neurotransmission. We are now able to tell which specific genes are expressed at a particular time. Gene expression is uncommon, however, with no transcription and only the potential for a behavior as a…

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  • Summary Of Tweak In Gene Expression

    The article “Tweak in Gene Expression May Have Helped Humans Walk Upright” found on Science Daily discusses work conducted by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. These researchers have been able to distinguish what gave us humans the ability to walk upright through research conducted on the fish threespine stickleback. The fish has evolved multiple times over time in order to match different environments around the world.…

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  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions And Global Warming

    elongate plant roots.8 Specifically, UPB1 regulates the gene expression for greater cell proliferation as opposed to cell differentiation. Previous studies involved the inactivation of the UPB1 gene in Arabidopsis roots to lengthen roots systems.10 However, this inactivation has not been investigated in other crops. Since perennials - such as trees - are not uprooted as often as annuals, a perennial will be modified. Since the UPB1 is present in the apple tree Malus domestica, a woody perennial…

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  • Alkylated Polycyclic Aromatic Cells: The Effects Of PAH?

    lethal concentrations (LC10 & LC20) were found at around 10 µM and 40 µM after 24 hours exposer to SK-N-SH cells. Exposed differentiated neuronal cells showed significant dose-dependent increase levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), even at with sub-lethal concentration (DBT, and Ret). Intracellular superoxide measurement analyses by Mitosox stained cells revealed similar patterns of ROS. Though ROS production contributes significantly to induced apoptotic cell death, we hypothesized that…

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  • Inspirational Paper

    complex organizations of cell fates in space and time. One prevailing theory used to explain this phenomenon is the morphogen hypothesis. In this model, a diffusable molecule (morphogen) establishes a continuous gradient, and differential sensitivities of target genes to this molecule allows this continuous signal to specify discrete cell fates. The achetypal example in biology of a morphogen is bicoid. Bicoid (Bcd) is a transcrition factor that is expressed from a maternally deposited bcd mRNA…

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  • Bms1 Research Paper

    AND METASTATIC BREAST CANCER BRMS1, a functional gene, is composed of 10 exons and ranged from 7.8kb of genomic DNA. It is a member of mSIN3-HDAC transcription co-repressor complex and resides normally in the nucleus. Product of alternative splicing, two mRNA transcripts, which are in turn translated into two distinct proteins, 246 amino acids and 290 amino acids. When the structure of BRMS1 promoter is studied, two hyper methylated cytosine-phosphoguanine (CpG) islands (region…

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  • Modern Day Diets Essay

    to our weight gain than our unhealthy diets. Our modern day diets are negatively affecting something deeper inside of our bodies—our genes. The genes that are being expressed in our bodies are constantly changing beginning when we are in the womb to our deathbeds because of what we are eating. The role diet has on our bodies begins where we begin—in the womb. However, our nutrition during this time is coming from our mother instead of ourselves. During gestation, our genes are constantly…

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  • Tumor Suppressor Genes Causing Cancer Essay

    name given to the disease in which changes in gene expression cause an uncontrollable division of abnormal cells in any given part of the body. Cell growth and division are regulated by specific genes, and these genes include those for growth factors, along with their receptors, and the intracellular molecules of signaling pathways. Cancer can occur whenever a mutation alters any of these genes. These mutations can be random and spontaneous, however they can also be caused by environmental…

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