Reactive oxygen species

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  • Alkylated Polycyclic Aromatic Cells: The Effects Of PAH?

    Alkylated polycyclic aromatic compounds (alkyl-PACs) are the major aromatic constituent of total PAH in crude oil and originated from incomplete combustion process. Whereas benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) is a well-known human carcinogen, dibenzothiophene (DBT) and retene (Ret) are not; however, all three compounds are important environmental pollutants. Their toxicity is not yet characterized. In this study, we used BaP (parent PAH), DBT and Ret (alkyl-PACs) to elucidate the mechanism of neurotoxicity using human neuroblastoma cells. The lethal concentrations (LC10 & LC20) were found at around 10 µM and 40 µM after 24 hours exposer to SK-N-SH cells. Exposed differentiated neuronal cells showed significant dose-dependent increase levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), even at with sub-lethal concentration (DBT, and…

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  • Ax2 Chloroplast

    APX2 as a Scavenging Mechanism for Superoxides in Chloroplast Mohammed Shilleh, Michael Stefano, Jacqueline Watkins, Kelsey Wyman Chin BSC4936 University of Florida APX2 as a Scavenging Mechanism for Superoxides in Chloroplast Introduction and Background Stress can be defined as a disruption of homeostasis. Chloroplasts are especially sensitive to stress and have many levels of defense against it. These defense mechanisms include adjustment of antenna size, thermal dissipation, photochemistry…

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  • How Does Agnps Enhance Luminol Fluorescence

    Recent research shows that AgNPs enhance luminol fluorescence and chemiluminescence by acting as a catalyst with hydrogen peroxide. When AgNPs interact with hydrogen peroxide they cause the peroxide to degrade into superoxide and hydroxyl radical, which also react with luminol to form 3-aminophthalate (Equations 2-5) [13]. The further degradation of hydrogen peroxide into other reactive oxygen species promotes higher fluorescence intensity. Figure 5 shows the increased fluorescence intensity…

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  • Soil Salinity Essay

    reported. Gutierrez-Boem et al. (1994), classified canola as a moderately or relatively salt tolerance plants. Currently, there are no economically viable technological means to facilitate crop production under abiotic stress conditions. Crop stress tolerance can be improved by a number of means, including selection and breeding, genetic modifications, and use of osmoprotectants and growth regulating substances (Parida and Das 2005). A variety of chemicals, both organic and inorganic, are…

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  • Skin Wellness

    provides Vitamin E to your body making your skin healthy and far from the damage but these potent pills are totally not recommended to be taken. Well-managed diet makes a good defense for this harmful damage and much less effective in pills, unless doctors recommend so. UV radiation is commonly found in the sun but even without the sun, there a lot of factors to consider with our latest technologies that emits UV radiation and these are why proper diet is a need for each of us. Fifth, it…

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  • Redox Homeostasis Research Paper

    modulations and cellular transduction in an organism; as such, upsetting this fine balance between reduction and oxidation can have deleterious effects in the body. Inversely as in high concentrations of reactive oxygen species, or oxidizing agents, having harmful effects in the body, the same can be said for its counterpart. If the concentration of reducing agents becomes far greater than the concentrations of oxidizing agents, it will yield in deleterious effects on the organism. Maintaining…

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  • Disadvantages Of Syngas

    methane, which has been previously utilized [17-24] as reactive gas in OTR. Notwithstanding, syngas is considered in the present work due to its great stability and predictability, high thermal and electrical efficiencies, can be produced from renewable sources and has reduced carbon emissions. Mesh of 36000 grid points was generated using GAMBIT 2.4 software and the computations were carried out using the CFD commercial code FLUENT 14.0. The membrane type LSCF-6428 was utilized for oxygen…

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  • Zinc Reaction In The Body

    Zinc is a trace mineral that is necessary for growth, healing, and overall health. It helps more than 100 enzyme systems. It is used in metabolic reactions in cells. Zinc aids in immune system function, the growth of bone, teeth, and connective tissue, and gene regulation. Meat, fish, and poultry contain the best-absorbed form of zinc. However, fortified cereals and legumes also contain zinc. Zinc can also be consumed by taking a supplement. A deficiency in zinc can cause growth…

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  • What Effect Do Oaks Trees Have On Photosynthesis?

    Oaks trees (Quercus species) have adaptations to withstand drought but the trade off of those adaptations is multiple long-term negative effects on photosynthesis. These adaptations help to tolerate harsh conditions, specifically in drought. In situations of long periods of drought it has been researched that oak trees lose their ability to effectively perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process in which sunlight is converted in to chemical energy. Plants make their own food by using…

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  • What´s Mitochondria

    Mitochondria are organelles found in eukaryotes obtained through endosymbiosis with prokaryotes billions of years ago. They are organelles with their own DNA and outer and inner membrane and few organelles, because they lost many of their organelles to the Nuclear DNA of the eukaryotes which resulted them being dependent of the cell they live in This endosymbiosis is very crucial for eukaryotes survival since mitochondria produce the energy needed for the cell to survive through oxidative…

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