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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Psychoanalytical Analysis

    The psychoanalytical lens is a way of understanding the human mind and the characters within a story. Many different theories have contributed to psychology, but “most psychological criticism of the last century lands at the doorstep of Sigmund Freud” (Gillespie 1). Freud was the father of a psychoanalysis, helped explain human behavior, and came up with a way to treat mental illnesses. Freud focused much of his ideas on psychic forces having an influence on human behavior (Gillespie 2). He had ideas that explained the human mind and how it works. Some of the main psychological ideas focused on while reading include why characters do something, fascinations, relationships, personalities, and hidden meanings through different words and phrases. What makes this lens unique is how it improves the…

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  • Symbolism In Mother To Son

    Essay Number One Through the many hardships one might go through in life, living as a minority can be considered one of the hardest. Not being able to afford a better living, being pigeonholed simply based off of the color of one’s skin, or having to work tirelessly without relief are only a few examples of what an average minority might experience. Langston Hughes’ Mother to Son, Allison Joseph’s On Being Told I Don’t Speak Like a Black Person, and Philip Levine’s What Work Is all illustrate…

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  • The Themes Of Conflict In Fences By August Wilson

    from a reader response perspective, it shows how irresponsible choices and not so perfect past can affect the present relationship’s that are presented in the play. Wilson reveals true motives of certain characters like Troy Maxson, who hinders his son’s football dream simply because he was not able to fulfill his own dreams to become a baseball player due to the color of his skin. The reader also see selfish characteristics like Troy’s infidelity with another woman. This unfortunately leads to…

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  • Reader Response Theory

    This course has facilitated opportunities to experience novels of all different types, as well as different styles of teaching. I have had the opportunity to look critically at different theories, as well as a variety of hands on activities. With the culmination of the semester, I have come to the conclusion that students must learn to engage with literature in a meaningful way so they can apply that skill more broadly in life and use it to think critically about government and societal…

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  • Analysis Of First Day Of School By Frederick Douglass: Reader-Response Criticism

    Any human feels certain emotions when trying things for the first time: fear, anxiety, excitement, and happiness just to name a few. Now, for a moment, consider the idea that whatever you are trying feels those same exact emotions, just towards you. How would that make you feel? Would it help ease whatever stress you are feeling, or would it make you even more excited to try it? The story Schools First Day of School is a story about overcoming deep fears by looking through the lens of the feared…

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  • Historical Lens Analysis: Literature Interpretation

    It helps teach the other reader a more personalized interpretation of historical events that have happened in the past. It also helps link the reader with current events with different occasions that have taken place in the past. In Tim Gillespie’s article about Historical Criticism for Students he states, “Any novel… located in a specific time period is likely to be more meaningful if the reader knows something about its historical context” (Gillespie 36). The downfall, however, is that reading…

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  • Milton Truth

    Milton’s language suggests that a man is somehow able to breathe life into the pages he writes, and that breath is expelled when each new reader chooses to bit up their work The reader, thereby, walks away from the material with an essence of that book coursing through his min. Furthermore, books for Milton are quite unlike any other object that is typically consumed for nourishment. At one point, Milton compares the effects of the quality of meat for the eater and the quality of the book for…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Is Hip Hop Bad?

    times throughout music history. People complained about The Beatles and their long hair. There were outrages about Elvis Presley and his “scandalous” moves. We can 't forget about how rock and roll bands like KISS and Rob Zombie or Judas Priest were considered “devil music”. Incidents like these have also happen in hip-hop’s history. People claimed that groups like N.W.A and Public Enemy were rebellious and questioned authority. There were bonfires full of Eminem CDs when people were claiming…

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  • I Only Say This Because I Love You Analysis

    Parents who criticize their adult children often cause fights between each other. Parents seem to think they have more knowledge and when they try to explain things to their children it creates the feeling of criticism. Tannen states that often the most hurtful meta-messages of family talk “is the implication of incompetence- even (if not especially) when the children grow up” (Tannen D., 2001, p. 23). She explains that grown children often hope for their parent’s approval and criticism can be…

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  • Mark Edmundson's Analysis

    because they are now able to apply different applications to the text. This opens their minds to understand different ways to interpret the reading rather than just form an opinion, which is important because not every child is taught how to read in the same school or under the same level of criticism. The concept of having a “critical lens” is what is said to have been taught to students for reading, and is what Mark Edmundson has taken an issue with. Mr. Edmundson believes that teachers should…

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