Redox Homeostasis Research Paper

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Anthony Alvarado
Bio 1A

Chronic oxidative stress via hydroxyl radical and imbalanced redox homeostasis

Redox hemostasis has been shown to be an important factor in the overall aging and neurodegeneration processes in mammalian models; such as, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. As a result, redox homeostasis has been a key point of interest in current research. Redox homeostasis is the balance between electrophiles and nucleophiles in a system, more importantly in a biological system. These electrophiles and nucleophiles play an important role in maintaining redox homeostasis, they are also a component in signal modulations and cellular transduction in an organism; as such, upsetting this fine balance between reduction and oxidation can have deleterious
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It hoped to understand the 3rd aspect of molecular hydrogen as it is evident It is therapeutic in numerous illnesses. In conclusion, the severity of the issues of oxidative stress/disturbance in redox homeostasis that can lead to a variety of deleterious effects can’t be countered with conventional anti-oxidants and molecular hydrogen has shown promising results in maintained of oxidative stress and redox homeostasis

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