Hydrogen peroxide

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Lab

    Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Lab Report Objective: By utilising the catalyst of potassium iodide to trigger a decomposition reaction in hydrogen peroxide, how will fluctuation in temperatures will affect the decomposition rate? Hypothesis: Due to the decomposition effect of potassium iodide on hydrogen peroxide, the increased temperature applied will also increase the decomposition rate, because of the more occurrences of collisions which causes the more energy to be produced. Independent variable: Temperature of H2O2 Dependent Variable: Rate of Decomposition in H2O2 Constant Variables: Controlled Variable How/why variable will be controlled. Amount of H2O2 The variable will be controlled by measuring out only 5 mL of H202 per trial, this is because if there were fluctuating amounts of H2O2 from trial to trial, it would not be a fair test. Amount of KI This variable will be…

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  • Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide On Seed

    Bio Lab 100 Section 2 Experiment Rough Draft Does Hydrogen Peroxide Help or Harm Seeds? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a common household item. It is made of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It is most commonly used in small concentrations to clean small cuts and scrapes by killing bacteria. This antiseptic kills the bacteria by tearing down their cell walls. In the last few years, hydrogen peroxide has been added to pesticides. This means that the food we consume has been growing in…

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  • Temperature Of Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment

    In this figure (10°C trial), the two test tubes are clearly labeled with 1 and 7, test tube 1 contains the 1 cm³ liver and test tube 7 contains the 5 mL of hydrogen peroxide. these two test tubes are in a 250 mL beaker containing approximately 125 mL of tap water and ice. The thermometer was placed in test tube 7, which contains the hydrogen peroxide to measure the temperature of the solutions. The hydrogen peroxide was poured into the test tube containing to the liver and was observed.…

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Lab Report

    The Effects the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide An investigation into how the amount of oxygen is produced by changing one variable effects the decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide in the presence of the enzyme. This shows us that when the H2O2 has reacted with the catalyst this is what it produces. There are many ways in which the amount of oxygen produced could be affected. I believe that, surface area of the chip, temperature of liquid that is reacting, the concentration of the liquid…

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Lab Report

    Chemistry Lab Report NAME: Serina Alashi DATE: TITLE: Decomposition reaction: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen ( H2 and O2) RESEARCH QUESTION: How will changing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide affect the rate of reaction, that is represented by the increase in pressure over time? Introduction: Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a very strong oxidant but weak in water solution. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water…

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Reaction Lab Report

    Trend The constant, 0 v/v % hydrogen peroxide solution, did not react with the catalase, therefore it was recorded as 300+ seconds and had a reaction rate of 0 seconds-1. The 0.1 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration recorded a reaction rate of 0.17 seconds-1. The 0.2 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration, recorded a lower reaction rate than the 0.1 v/v% at 0.14 seconds-1. The 1 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration recorded higher at 0.49 seconds-1. The 3 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration…

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  • The Differences Of Reaction Between Iron And Hydrogen Peroxide

    to one”, ratio of iron (II) to hydrogen peroxide, the generation of hydroxyl radicals is also observed. In this particular ratio, the presence of organics does not seem to inhibit the effectiveness of the iron catalyst, as all the iron (II) was converted to iron (III) in a series of experiments. Without the organics present, the hydrogen peroxide reformed by reacting slowly with iron (III) to produce ferric salts, which then degrade into more hydroxyl radicals. The actions of these two iron…

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  • Catalase Experiment

    According to PubChem (2015), hydrogen peroxide (34.01468 g/mol) consists of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms that can be seen in liquid and powder form. The liquid form is visible to the human eye as a colorless liquid with a clear odor that could be described as irritating or distinct. The aqueous molecule can be broken apart fairly easily, as it is a very unstable molecule with a bent shape. When coming in contact with certain organisms’ tissues and organs, H2O2 is broken down by…

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  • Enzyme Lab Report

    Use a dropper to add 1mL of the 30% hydrogen peroxide solution and 5ml of distilled water into the second test tube to create 6mL of 5% hydrogen peroxide solution. 9. Use the dropper to drop 1mL of the 5% hydrogen peroxide solution from the second graduated cylinder into the second test tube. Use the stopwatch to record the time for the height of the bubbles to reach maximum height. Observe and record any evidence of a chemical reaction. 10. Cut and measure 0.5g of pig liver on the digital…

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  • Distilled Water And Hydrogen Peroxide Essay

    Question How does distilled water, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, stabilized, at 3% concentration as a dilute solution), and rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) affect leaves detached from their trees? Hypothesis If I submerge leaves in distilled water, then the leaves will become wet and softer (relative to their original state), because that is what happens to detached leaves after it rains. If I submerge leaves in hydrogen peroxide, then the leaves will become whitened and the distinct…

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