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  • Titration Experiment

    point, with an addition of continuous increase in pH after the equivalence point. However, the only difference between the two titration curves is the equivalence point is at different pH level. HCl has an equivalence point at pH 7.5 while HCOOH is at pH 8.7. This is because the product salt formed from the two reaction has different pH level, which results in different equivalence point. According to the table in Part 4 of the report sheet, when the salt NH4Cl is dissociated into water, it forms ammonium ion and hydronium ion. As hydronium ion increases in the reaction, the pH of the solution is more acidic, which is why the…

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  • Acids And Bases Essay

    Part A: Background Information Acids and bases are very common in today’s society, and they can be found in most households. Acids can be found as by-products of air pollution, concrete cleaner, food flavouring and is produced by the muscle. Bases are found in most cleaning products as ammonia or sodium hydroxide, and they also treat indigestion. There are many ways that acids and bases can be defined by their chemical properties. The Bronsted-Lowry definition states that acids are proton…

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  • Optimum Temperature Of Amylase

    1. Our experiment supported our hypothesis. The optimal temperature for the activity of the human amylase is 37°C. This suggest that enzymes have to adapt to the temperature of the organisms in order to develop work because the normal temperature of human is 37°C. It is important to understand that the enzyme amylase play a role to breakdown, so other enzymes can produce sugar of it. In humans, it is critical to develop work at human’s temperature to continue developing break down the…

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  • The Acid Bath Murderer

    The “Acid Bath Murderer” case was about a man named John George Haigh. It was said that he killed his boss and dumped him into a forty-gallon barrel of acid (Casale,2017). Like most known killers, Haigh blended well into society. Born into a strictly religious family on July 24, 1909, Haigh claimed his childhood to be strict and somewhat lonely. During his youth, Haigh had an accident which resulted in having a blue bruise on his head. His mother told him that this blemish was a result of his…

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  • Isotopes Pre Lab

    concentration of hydronium ions is greater than the concentration of the hydroxide ions in the substance. An example of this would be HCl (hydrochloric acid). A base is the opposite, as the concentration of hydroxide ions in the substance is greater than the concentration of hydronium ions. An example of a base is CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate), which is used as an anti-acid in medicines such as Tums. Neutralization is a type of double replacement reaction in which an acid reacts with a base in order…

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  • Acid Base Titration Report

    Both titrations in this lab reflected these properties, such as acid-dissociation, acid-dissociation constants, etc. In parts A and B, it demonstrated the differences between strong and weak acids and why there is a significant difference between equivalence points, as one value was 7.21 and why the other was 8.38. Regardless that the pH differences are not dramatic, it is important to acknowledge the reasons why pH values occur as they do at the different stages of titration – pre-titration,…

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  • Chlorine Argument Essay

    at a level which is still safe to drink but kills of germs and lets the water to be germ free while travelling I the pipes. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). The other common disinfectant is chlorine gas, chlorine gas is a harmful gas and was even used a chemical weapons in previous wars. Therefore safety restrictions are high when using chlorine gas being it is corrosive and at large doses fatal. When chlorine is added to water it forms hypochlorous acid, hydronium and a free…

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  • Brønsted-Lowry Theory Essay

    substances with acidic and basic properties. In many cases, the Bronsted-Lowry theory attempts and succeeds at extending Arrhenius’ theory. For example (as seen below) Arrhenius stated H+ ions would be formed in acid-base reactions. The Bronsted-Lowry concept states that H+ ions would be formed but that they could not exist on their own.The two theories were developed several years apart and certain scientific discoveries helped the scientists to explain certain concepts. Arrhenius was unable to…

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  • The Causes Of Mandatory Acidosis

    filtering unit of a tiny blood vessels called glomerulus attached to a tubule. As blood enters into the glomerulus, it is filtered and the remaining fluids passes along the tubule. Within the tubule, chemicals and water are added or removed from the filtered fluid according to what the body needs. The final product is the urine. The kidneys remove waste produces and excess fluids from the body through urine. This process is necessary to maintain a balance of body chemicals. When the body…

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  • Effects Of Ocean Acidification

    Oceans are important because they provide over half of all oxygen in the atmosphere, but also absorb large amounts of gasses from the atmosphere. Unfortunately oceans are under the constant threat of not just overfishing or pollution, but mainly acidification which damages delicate ecosystems greatly. Ocean acidification is caused by the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, either created by human emissions, or by natural causes. When carbon dioxide dissolves into water it can react…

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