Hydrogen ion

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  • The Acid Bath Murderer

    many items, and body parts, which had belongs to previous victims. A body was not needed for him to be charged with these murders, they had enough evidence. Although Haigh had confessed, he pleaded insanity with the hopes of only being put in a mental hospital for a few months and being released. This plea failed, and he was charged with murder. Acidic chemicals have a pH ranging from 0-7. These acids usually have a very sour taste to it. The term “acid”is derived from the latin term acere, which means sour. (properties of acids and bases) Acids are tested with litmus paper, and turn it red, and destroy the properties of bases. Acids also are able to conduct electric currents. Acids produce hydrogen ions in solutions. (properties of acids and bases) Acids react with metals to form hydrogen gas. When adding an acid to a base, salt and water will be…

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  • How The Environment Affected By Acid Rain

    Acidic rain plays a key role in how rapidly things erode and die in our environment whether people notice it or not. Many are uneducated on this topic which makes it more dangerous to us and our surroundings. Not only can this toxic water effect trees and animals, but also buildings, statues, and even cars (webprojects.edu, 1). Acid rain is something humans should be concerned about in the twenty-first century due to our advancements in technology. The majority of the United States suffer from…

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  • Acidic Rain Lab Report

    Background: Acidic rain or acid deposition is predominantly caused by air pollution. Acid deposition in the form of gasses and microscopic particles, floating in the air, is called dry deposition. However, wet deposition is in the form of precipitation. As a result of chemicals being released from human productions, great amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are respired into the atmosphere, where rain and gas matter is polluted. Once both sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide come in…

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  • Titration Essay

    concentrations. Household items were used to help apply basic theories about acids and bases such as pH. The titration curves were evaluated to help determine which indicator needed to be used for the indicator titration. Anions are ions that have more electrons than protons, therefore,…

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  • Electrolytic Synthesis Lab Report

    order for a sample of matter to be an electrical conductor. The first requirement is that the sample must contain electrically charged particles. The second requirement is that the electrically charged particles must be able to freely move when electricity is applied to them. Faraday named these “charge carriers” ions. Faraday also introduced the terms cation and anion to distinguish the…

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  • Sinkholes: The Creation Of Acid Rain

    Chemistry relates to everything you could possibly think of on the planet. They relate to every object and every natural event and hazard. Such as sinkholes, there a very intimidating and scary event that could happen at any moment . Sinkholes occur when the limestone beneath us breaks away by acidic rain and eventually the ground gives creating an open hole in our earth`s surface. Chemistry can relate to chemical reactions, one of the chemical reactions that occur is the creation of acidic…

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  • Water Solubility Experiment

    It can be lowered by lowering the pressure of the air of which will push down on the water so its molecules can escape into the air. The boiling point raised if a solute is dissolved into it. How much the boiling point is raised depends on how much of the solute there is. This makes the water dilute which means that most of the water molecules are at the bottom and few can escape. This is known as reducing vapor pressure of water. Table salt breaks into a sodium ion and chloride ion, so there…

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  • Anion Test Lab Report

    insoluble substance), ions in solution react with one another.5 Furthermore, the charge of water itself and the water that was mixed with the compound was tested using an ammeter to determine the conductivity reading total. We did this by subtracting the charge of the water from the charge of water mixed with the compound. The total was 1.2 which meant that the compound was a polar ionic bond because of its electronegativity difference. The greater the electronegativity difference, the more…

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  • Temperature Of Sugar And Calorimetry Essay

    The positive Na+ ions were attracted to the oxygen (negative) end of the water molecules, and the negative Cl- ions were attracted to the hydrogen (positive) end of the water molecules. As an end result, the ionic bond between the sodium and the chloride was broken. CuSO4(s) ⇔ Cu+2(aq) + SO4-2(aq) Like the sodium chloride, the copper sulphate was split into its individual ionic components. The positive Cu+2 ions were attracted to the oxygen (negative) end of the water molecules, and the…

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  • Calcium Research Paper

    how surface charges are created: isomophous substitution and dissociation of H+/OH-. An Isomophous substitution creates permanent charges that occur within tetrahedral and octahedral structural units in the clay minerals, via cation substitution. Cations are exchanged with cations of similar sizes but difference valencies. For example, where Al3+ is substituted by Si4+; this creates a net negative charge on one of the oxygen’s, because of the unpaired electron. Dissociation of H+/OH- is pH…

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