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  • Bleachloric Acid And Ph Indicator Essay

    NOSIPHO ZUMA A00018164 BIO 120 DR HAYATU RAJI LAB 1: PH TEST FOR VARIOUS SUBSTANCES LAB PARTNERS: AMINA SULEIMAN, SEDOO ORJE-ISHEGH DATE: 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 Abstract The primary purpose of this experiment was to determine pH levels of various substances using different methods. Two techniques were used, the pH paper indicator and the pH meter. Out of ten substances that were used, five of them were found to be acidic, namely: hydrochloric acid, coke, toothpaste, milk, and acetic acid. Sodium hydroxide, buffer solution, bleach, and the detergent were found to be basic. Bottle water was found to be neutral. Substances are said to be acidic because of having pH levels lesser than 7, and those having pH greater than 7 are said to be basic. Some are neutral,…

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  • Ph Lab Experiment

    The learning objective of the experiment performed was to determine the pH of solutions that were given by using litmus paper and pH machine. The Experiment was kind of successful except for an issue with one of the solutions. When we tried to figure out the pH by looking at the litmus paper; we were stuck between a pH of 6 and 7. The best choice was to choose a number in between 6 and 7. Based on the two methods used to find the pH the results were close to each other. In this experiment…

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  • 1what Is An Acid-Base Titration?

    and bases; through this process an acid or base of known concentration neutralizes an acid or base of unknown concentration. The neutralization of an acid or base in acid-base titration can be measured with either a color indicator or a pH-meter. For this experiment we are using a color indicator. The indicator phenolphthalein is used in experiment 1 and starch was use as an indicator in experiment 2.Phenolththalein is a colorless in acidic solution and pink in…

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  • Analysis Of The Carbohydrate Fermentation Test

    mannitol carbohydrate and produce gas. Majority of microorganisms obtain energy from either aerobic or anaerobic respiration, or through fermentation. The different types of fermentation pathways used by bacteria can aid in differentiating them among groups or species of bacteria because each pathway depends on the complement of enzymes available for the cell (Department of Biological Sciences, 2015). The identification of the bacteria can be determined through the characteristic end products of…

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  • Multip Ph Lab Report

    Scientists use a scale to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is. That scale is called a pH scale. The pH scale is a number from zero to fourteen. Accordingly, zero to seven liquids are considered acid. However, seven is considered a neutral, like distilled water. Therefore, eight to fourteen the liquids are considered basic. For instance, a pH of two is going to be an acidic liquid. Thus, a pH of twelve would be measured as a basic liquid. Additionally, a strip of litmus paper will…

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  • Microbiology Research Paper

    well-isolated colony “pure culture” and tested using a gram stain to determine morphology, arrangement, size and verify purity again. Once purity has been verified, a portion of the same colony is transferred to a two separate nutrient agar slants and incubated. This will be the pure culture working stock to be used for future testing and the other slat will be used as a reserve stock if needed. Using the working stock, the following tests are preformed aseptically: oxidase test and the reagent…

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  • Titration Lab Report

    Lab 14/ Test 6: Determination of Acid Dissociation Constants through Titration Sabrina Tom I.Abstract The two unknown solutions A and E were titrated with NaOH solutions. For each solution, one fast and three slow titrations were done to see where the pH rose exponentially. The unknown solutions A and E were determined to be Pyridinium ion acid and oxalic acid, respectively. II.Theories One significant concept throughout this lab is titrations. A titration is a lab method analyzes a…

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  • Methyl Orange Essay

    In this case methyl orange can be used as the indicator, pH arc being 3,1...4,4, or methyl red, pH arc being 4,4...6,2. If the pH value is bigger than the arc then the indicators will give a yellow colour to the solution, if smaller then a red colour. Total hardness is the sum of amount of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions and is determined via complex-titration. Here is the stoichiometric point found by using different complex ions with different colours. The solution is titrated with…

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  • Photosynthesis: Examining Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration

    In cellular respiration glucose molecules are broken down through these reactions in order to produce ATP. The equation for cellular respiration is as followed: 6O2 + C6H12O6 ---> 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy. The hypothesis was, while CO2 is being given off during respiration, it can be re-utilized during photosynthesis. For this experiment the thought was, if a sealed test tube containing CO2, bromthymol blue, and an elodea plant in an environment with light, it will result in a color change from…

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  • Catalase Test Essay

    These are the expected results of a negative indole test narrowing our genus options now to two potential bacteria. The Methyl Red test is biochemical test that involves the addition of the pH indicator methyl red to an inoculated tube of MR-VP broth. MR-VP (Methyl red and Voges-Proskauer) broth is used as two parts of the of IMViC tests. MR-VP broth is a medium that both the methyl red and the Voges-Proskauer tests can be performed. This broth is considered to be a simple broth and contains…

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