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  • Importance Of Water Quality

    Water Quality Water is essential to human life and the health of the environment. Good water quality is essential for irrigation, drinking and recreation and also sustains ecological processes that support native fish populations, vegetation and bird life. We expect that our water supply will not only be safe, but will taste good, and look crystal clear. Water quality is commonly defined by its physical, chemical, biological and aesthetic (appearance and smell) characteristics. Water quality…

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  • Acid Base Titration Report

    there are two titrations performed and measured the pH of one salt solution. This experiment includes a strong acid and strong base titration, weak acid and strong base titration, and the pH measure of a salt solution. In performing a titration, a stir-bar, stir-plate, burette and pH meter. In the process of titration, it is required that the amounts of base added from the burette is as…

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  • Acetic Acid Synthesis Lab Report

    that the greater the number of mL or moles needed to reach the endpoint, the greater the buffering capacity. This is because it signifies that the highest concentration buffer resist the most change in pH. If a student were to use the bromothymol blue indicator instead of the thymol blue indicator in Part B, he/she would not be able to test the buffering capacity of acetic acid/sodium acetate buffer by adding HCl because bromothymol blue changes color when the buffering…

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  • The Importance Of Uranium In The Environment

    NaClO4 at 25 oC for 24 h. 2.4 Effect of inorganic and organic ligands In order to explore the effect of inorganic and organic ligands on uranium uptake, 0.010 g of GS were equilibrated for 24 h with 10 mL of solution containing 250 mg U(VI) L-1, pH 3 at 25 oC at different ligands concentrations. More specifically, concentrations ranged 0.001-0.5 M for NO3- and Cl-, 0.001-0.02 for HCOO- and CH3COO-, 0.01-0.1 M for C6H5O73- and 0.001-0.1 M for…

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  • Content Validation: Three Types Of Measurement Validation?

    are “omitted from the indicator” and whether or not “inappropriate elements are included in the indicator.” Although content validation is an “important contribution” to measurement validity, its chief limitation is that “alone it is incomplete, for two reasons”: “first, although a necessary condition, the findings of content validation are not a sufficient for establishing validity” and second “the trade-off between parsimony and completeness that arises because indicators routinely fail to…

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  • Schiff Base Brigand Essay

    solvent and pH The influence of the solvent on Schiff base ligand L and its metal(II) complexes were studied. The results showed that the optimal solvent for Schiff base ligand L, Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes were CH3CN at λemi =320, 310, 316 and 330 nm, while the optimal solvent for Mn(II) complex was DMF λemi = 312 nm, as shown in Figure 7. The effect pH on the fluorescence intensity of Schiff base ligand L and its metal(II) complexes were investigated between the pH range of…

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  • Theoretical Concentration Of KHP Vs Naoh Titration

    III. Results Table 2: KHP Vs. NaOH Titration data Trial Initial KHP acid Volume (ml) End KHP acid volume (ml) Volume difference (ml) Volume of NaOH Base Used (ml) 1 7 mL 16 mL 9 mL 10.0 mL 2 16 mL 27.5 mL 11.5 mL 10.0 mL 3 27.5 mL 38.5 mL 11 mL 10.0 mL Table 3: Titration of HCl with NaOH Trial Initial NaOH Volume (ml) End NaOH base volume (ml) Volume difference (ml) Volume of HCl acid Used (ml) 1 4.5 mL 14.5 mL 10 mL 10.0 mL 2 30 mL 41.5 mL 11.5 mL 10.0 mL 3 19 mL 31 mL 12 mL 10.0…

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  • Experiment: Standardisation Of 0.25 M Hydrochloric Acid

    approximate concentration of 2.5 M against sodium carbonate solution. The main steps of this experiment were preparing the sodium carbonate solution, transferring the solution into a conical flask by using a pipette, adding the bromophenol blue indicator and titrating with hydrochloric acid until the first green colour appeared. The concentration of hydrochloric acid was found to be 0.2508 mol L-1. Introduction Standardisation is a process which is carried out to determine the actual molarity of…

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  • Exercise 10 Acid Base Balance Essay

    At 20 seconds, pH = 7.35 2. At 40 seconds, pH = 7.29 3. At 60 seconds, pH = 7.24 4. Did the pH level of the blood change at all during this run? If so, how? Yes, the pH level of the blood decreased. 5. Was the pH level always within the “normal” range for the human body? If not, when was the pH value outside of the normal range, and what acid/base imbalance did this pH value indicate? No, acidosis occurred at 40 seconds when the pH dropped out of “normal” range to…

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  • Paper Chromatography Lab Report

    Ali Youssef CHM 111-0A7L Mitra Jahangeri Paper Chromatography Lab Discussion The results of the Paper Chromatography process seem to have aligned with what was expected. When the capillary action on the paper had completed and the chromatograph was finished, the distance that each cation moved (D), as well as the distance that the solvent moved (L), could be properly measured. The distance that the solvent moved ended up being 7.05cm, a number that would represent the constant variable L in…

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