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  • Essay On Deadpool

    Analysis of a Visual Social Justice Argument How many billboards can be thought of that present an opinion that is different than the social norm? Not many? The billboard created for the release of the Deadpool movie in February of 2016 has many elements that can be analyzed. Pathos is used by the creators of the billboard to appeal to audiences in an uncommon way; reversing the societal standards of gender roles by enticing women with sex and causing men to want to be like Deadpool. The billboard is set in a white background. The image of Deadpool takes up most of the billboard. He is pictured lying on his side with his head resting on his arm, one leg stretched across the length of the billboard with his other leg pulled up behind his extended knee. His other hand is holding a gun in front of his crotch. Deadpool is wearing his red costume that covers all of his body. The slogan that runs across the top of the billboard in all black reads “WAIT ‘TIL YOU GET A LOAD OF ME”. The other wording on the billboard is located above Deadpool’s extended leg and it names the movie, Deadpool, and the movie’s release date, Feb. 12. The first thing that is noticed when looking at the billboard is Deadpool, specifically his knee that is up in the air. Deadpool is lying in a way that men are not commonly portrayed. His pose is very suggestive and objectifying, things that are more commonly associated with females. Because of this anomaly, the attention of women is…

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  • Femininity In Sigmund Freud's Oedipus Complex

    Lacan from symbolism and Phallus-centric ideas to the psychology of women and femininity Freud had spent many years writing his first psychoanalytic publication, The Interpretation of Dream (1900), in which he advanced the principals of his new Doctrine (Kurzweil:13). He considered the essence of femininity in Oedipus Complex; so, after he had become convinced that the Oedipus myth is universal and that the boy’s first desires are for his mother. Based on this, he could also expect that the…

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  • Lacanian Psychoanalysis Analysis

    It is without doubt that the theoretical framework of Lacanian psychoanalysis drawing upon such concepts as Oedipus complex, Castration complex and Phallus has brought about the issue of femininity and patriarchal power relations between the figure of the Father and the Mother. Throughout this essay, I intend to follow Sarup’s guide to “Lacan and Psychoanalysis” (1993) and dwell upon the matter of gender identity and sexual personality by taking into account the Lacanian understanding of…

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  • Judith Butler's View On Gender Oppositions

    femininity is associated with being ‘subordinate’ and passive. The concept of the phallus is the portrayal of dominance, conventionally…

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  • Comparing Butler's Disagrees And Disagrees With Sartre

    According to Butler (60), Compulsory heterosexuality has created two “mutually exclusive” positions. One position supposes to have the phallus, which is men. The other position supposes to be the phallus, which is women. The problem is men can never have the phallus, so they need women to reflect their power. On the other hand, women want to be the phallus for men, so they can wield the power that been needed. This is the key for a masculinist society. Without the binary and oppositional system…

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  • Characteristics Of Hegemonic Femininity

    for females is a natural norm. Judith Butler presents a more modern, fluid form and understanding of feminized masculinity stemming from the idea “gender identity does not cause gendered behavior, but rather that performing gender creates the sense of internal gender identity” (Gardiner 602). Butler presents these ideas in her understanding of the lesbian phallus. While previous scholars had presented the phallus (penis), a symbol of power and control, to strictly male physicality and…

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  • Symbolism Of Linga Worship

    3. Linga – The Symbol or Phallus The Sanskrit word Linga is the term for the emblem of the Hindu God Shiva. It is the depiction of Shiva in a column or pillar form. It represents the phallus, but at the same time it is the representation of the cosmos and a symbol of fertility, life and regeneration. Linga does not only specific a phallus but it is a word which translates best as a symbol indicating a distinguishing mark, a characteristic of gender or sex. Linga worship is also known as Nirguna…

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  • The Holy Bible: The Resurrection Of Jesus

    back to life. Jesus was put into a cave that was then sealed shut. Three days passed and the cave was re-opened. The followers of Jesus noticed that Jesus had risen. Osiris on the other hand, was locked in a chest that was thrown into the Nile River. Osiris’ wife, Isis, found the chest and she took it back to Egypt to resurrect him, but Set decided to cut Osiris’ body into several pieces and scatter them all over the world in hope that he will never be brought back to life. Isis searched, found…

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  • The Gods And God's Roles In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    people complained about how badly they were being treated by Gilgamesh, Ishtar the god of love, Anu the sky-god etc. There were numerous gods responsible for all areas of life. The gods were an intricate part of human life and affected daily events. Mesopotamians believed that the gods and goddess controlled their lives. Mesopotamians and Egyptians alike worship many gods and goddesses. The Stela of the God Bes is displayed in Gallery 137 - Egypt under Roman Rule, First Century A.D. God Bes is…

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  • The Waking Of Angantyr Analysis

    which in other words was the silent treatment in hope that she’d come running after him (p.1308). But this little game backfired on him, she didn’t come begging for him to talk to her, instead she bit his finger. To him this was mutilating and eradicating his manhood, meaning it was as if he took away his phallus symbol, so he made a smart comment saying, “One finger does not, alas, count the sum of your failures” (p.1309). Soon she left, she figured she was better off without him so she went…

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