The Holy Bible: The Resurrection Of Jesus

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The Resurrection

The mythology of resurrection can be intriguing. Humans, for centuries, have tried to find hope and security in powers out of our control. The idea of pleasing and gaining relations with the mysterious powers that control the world around us has evolved over generations due to it being a natural instinct that we find the meaning to life. Despite the fact that many of these religious stories are similar, most were created at different times. Many of us emerge a belief in a life after death, thus creating the idea of a resurrection. When many of us think of religion, we immediately think of the story of Jesus, son of God. How many of us think about other religious figures, such as Osiris?
Resurrection is one of the few things
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He was a powerful man with human like characteristics, possibly described to make him more relate able. His story of birth states that he was born of a virgin. He acted as the son of God. Preaching and healing the common man. Historians are uncertain of what age Jesus would have been at the time of his death, but there is no record of him getting married or having any relations with another. The Holy Bible, John 3:5, states “You know that he appeared to take away sins, and in him there is no sin”. Christians believe that Jesus was holy. He did not possess the will to sin, he was the perfect son of God. The Christian faith preaches that Jesus died for our sins so that we may be forgiven and join him and his father in heaven, even though there is also no certainty on how Jesus was resurrected. Osiris, on the other hand, did have relations with someone. He found love in Isis. Born an Egyptian, Osiris became the king of living after being resurrected. He gave the people hope of an after life. Hope that they would one day join their gods in a glorious paradise. Osiris’ story portrays him as a god on earth. Even though he died and came back to life, he still managed to conceive a child with

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