Pharmacy technician

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  • Pharmacy Technician

    veterinary technician. Caretaker for my animals, I have medicated and cared for them when they were ill, including hygiene such as clipping nails, cleaning ears, and bathing. Watching the animal planet, observing the technician and the veterinarian doing everything they could to save an animal’s life, inspired me to believe I can do the same thing. After graduating,…

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  • Pharmacy Technician Case Study

    Elizabeth has been working as a pharmacy technician between two and a half to three years. She started working as a pharmacy technician because she lost her job in the automotive field and wasn’t having a lot of luck finding a new job in the same field. She decided to find a job in the medical field because she felt that she would have a better chance of getting a job. She signed up for free classes offered by the state of Michigan that would help provide her with new skills and education in…

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  • Certified Pharmacy Technician

    According to the state of Texas in order to become a certified pharmacy technician you must follow certain requirements that the states wants. In order to begin the process of becoming certified you must have earned your high school diploma or ged. The next step of the process is to recognize if you are going to be a pharmacy technician, one who “ provide technical services that do not require professional judgment regarding preparing and distributing drugs and who works under the direct…

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  • Importance Of Being A Pharmacy Technician

    One of the most important tasks for me to complete as a pharmacy technician, is the accurate counting of prescriptions. During this situation, I receive written messages from my fellow technicians who have to decode the prescriptions that the doctors will send to us for patients. These most importantly consist of how much of each medication a patient needs dispensed. Occasionally I have to count all over again due to loosing track because of noise in the workplace. For this profession, accuracy…

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  • My Flag Football Team

    I got the interview, because I kept calling them about the openings for a pharmacy technician position. When I graduate I plan to take a year off and retake/ take some classes for PA school and PT school. I plan to take the GRE as well. While I am doing that, I need to have a good job that will help me pay for the bills I have to pay for that year. I feel like that I would enjoy pharmacy technician job, well I am waiting to apply to PA and/or PT school. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any…

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  • Pharmacy Technician Research Paper

    State Credential Requirements to become a Pharmacy Tech There are specific requirements to become a pharmacy tech. It’s not hard! Once you go to a school and ask about a specific course you will know. It’s an easy process to begin your goal (if you really desire it) it isn’t hard. If you put your mind and soul to it you will do it. Just have faith! And you will succeed! First off you have to have a high school diploma or equivalent (G.E.D). If you don’t have one get one!!! Also…

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  • A Psychotherapy: A Short Story

    It angered me that Kayla’s mind and body were so transformed by the drugs. I couldn’t stand that graduation; college, children and life’s rewards had been taken from her. It broke my heart to see her mother’s pain after losing a child. So I felt compelled to actively do something to help make sure in the future the positives of pharmaceuticals, out weighed the negative side effects. That children, and families wouldn’t have to watch their loved ones bodies be destroyed by the medicine that was…

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  • The Roles And Similarities Of Pharmacy Technicians And Pharmacists

    positions in the pharmaceutical field, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists play two of many vital roles in this profession. Both career paths have acquired numerous years of training for the benefit of the patient's quality of life (pharmacy theory class notes, 2017). With that being said there are many factors influencing the similarities and differences between the two medical approaches. Not to mention the cruciality of pharmacy technicians alone in a community and hospital settings. As…

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  • Difference Between Pharmacist And Pharmacy Technician

    Pharmacy technician and pharmacist are work closely together. They are deliver medication, advice and assistance to their patient. Pharmacist relies on pharmacy Technician for many things. They kind of like one bodies that need and can't missing each others. And pharmacy technician do not require for any education beyond high school. But pharmacist need to go to school to get a bachelor degree, 4 years college education, 2 years of Pre-pharmacy and one year of internship. And also they have to…

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  • Short Term Goals For Pharmacy Technician

    Goals should be the most important thing in everyone’s life, maybe in a perfect world: but not in this one. Growing up, I wished I would’ve focused more on life goals because as I have grown into an adult there are so many things I wish I could have already accomplished. After years of just going with the flow of life I decided that it was time to set a few short-term goals and enroll into pharmacy technician school. I have realized that the first step was to figure out what I wanted to…

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