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  • Reflective Essay For Md

    Plus Award, addressing each point of the Researcher Excellence Framework, giving evidence how the past two and a half years have contributed to my personal and my career development. 1. Knowledge and Intellectual abilities a. Knowledge base Throughout my PhD I have been able to attend a number of courses organised by the QUB postgraduate centre, which allowed me to further my knowledge and gain valuable skills within my PhD and beyond it, thus increasing my employability. These include for example ‘Leading your PhD’, ‘Better power point presentations’, ‘Applying your research into policy’, ‘Introduction to project management’, ‘Introduction to thematic analysis’ and…

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  • The Importance Of Phd Research

    Dr. Allen, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I know one of the topics we will discuss tomorrow is my research topic and datasets. To make sure all the important points are covered during our meeting I wrote them down for you. I would like to talk with you about the current state of my research. I hope that I can have your support to move forward and deepen the current study. Here are some of my reasons: 1. The reason that I pursuing my Ph.D study is that I am…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Journey To My Phd

    Introduction Over the past several weeks, I had the opportunity to experience the first step towards my PhD. During this time I was introduce to the “Culture of inquiry”. This concept went far beyond simply being handed the tools to research different business topics of my interest. Rather, this idea gave me the tools I needed to go deep within myself to discover things about me that I may not have otherwise known. As a result, this essay will cover my strengths and the areas that I want…

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  • How To Write A Phd Personal Statement

    Personal Statement I am applying for the Ph.D. program in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and I will state the skills that I have and will make me a valuable candidate. Also, I will state how this program will help me to achieve my goals. After finishing my high school, I been admitted to one of the leading universities in the area, King Faisal University. I enrolled in the Diploma program and specialized in Marketing, and after graduating with high GPA; I received a…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue A PHD Degree In Computer Science

    the field of software engineering. Finally, I took my final project course in the subject of encryption algorithms in network security assessment and wrote a C# program for Rijndael Managed Encryption under the supervision of Mr. Arshin Rezazadeh and got A+ mark in this course, and completed my final university semester with a GPA of 16.79 out of 20. After graduation in 2015, I preferred to stop my education for 1 year and make a big decision for the rest of my professional life accordingly, I…

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  • New Zealand Health Case Study

    However, a move towards ensuring that health care and social care are on a horizontal continuum, is providing a greater opportunity for PHDs to be involved in contributing to improved health outcomes (Maeseneer et al., 2008). PHDs role in promoting the overall wellbeing of people through providing knowledge and information about diet, nutrition and lifestyle is an important element in health outcomes, particularly given the finding that most people with a long-term condition will suffer from…

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  • Drug Shortage Issues

    Critical Issue Affecting Patients with Cancer, “pharmaceutical companies have an ethical and legal responsibility to safely manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals to patients, providers, and healthcare systems (Bloch, J., PhD, McKeever, A., PhD, Bratic, A., PA-C, 2013).” Yet, patients are still not able to get their medications. On the other hand, “healthcare providers contend that delivery of care is influenced by profit margins of those pharmaceutical companies… who decide drug cost and…

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  • The Importance Of The Public Health Dietician Role In New Zealand

    According to (Public Health Workforce, n.d.), a Public Health Dietician (PHD) has a key role in the New Zealand (NZ) healthcare system to prevent diseases on a population scale. A PHD works in a variety of health organisations to improve health outcomes for diseases such as obesity and related conditions such as type two diabetes and coronary heart disease (CHD) by promoting or educating the public about the importance of healthy eating and exercise (American Medical Association, 2016). The…

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  • Nursing Leadership Style

    cross-sectional survey of pediatric nurses. International Journal Of Nursing Studies, 49(9), 1103-1111. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.03.007 Andrews, Richard, Robinson, Celano, and Hallaron discuss the different leadership styles that leaders have and how they relate to satisfaction of the nursing staff. This information is backed by previous studies. Andrews, Richard, Robinson, Celano, and Hallaron’s study focuses on the satisfaction that staffs have with different leadership styles, such as…

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  • Narcolepsy Research Paper

    sleeping disorders, especially in this stressful life, where people do not get enough sleep every day. Insomnia, sleep apnea, and cataplexy are just few examples of those disorders. However, many people started to suffer from a quite new sleeping disorder called, narcolepsy. As Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD., states in his article “Narcolepsy Symptoms, Treatment & Remedies” (2015) narcolepsy is a neurological disorder caused by brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally. The main…

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