Discourse And Perverse Implantation Essay

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Sexuality, prior to the writings of nineteenth and twentieth century philosophers such as Freud and Foucault, wasn’t considered a field in the medical world. These men offered scientific answers to topics such as homosexuality and transexuality which were previously thought of as just sexual deviances. Due to the fact that the term sexuality was revolutionized in a medical sense certain historians would argue that, these philosophers and doctors “invented” sexuality by giving it medical backing. Writings such as Foucault’s Incitement to discourse and Perverse Implantation focus on the repressive nature of religion and how it has led to the restriction of sexuality as well as the shift of sexuality to the world of medicine. Freud’s works focus on the sexual development of children and how certain sexual abnormalities can occur depending on the actions of the parents. The topic of perverse implantation stems from the restrictions placed around sexuality in the western world before the 18th century and the backlash that was a direct cause of it. The main component of the conservative views towards sexuality in Europe developed as a result of the church creating this code of decency that was meant to change the way that people …show more content…
The power behind sexuality that was once in the hands of the church, prior to the eighteenth century was now put in the hands of doctors and teachers during the medicalization of sexuality. During this time sexuality was no longer viewed as something that needed to be administered by a higher power; It simply needed to be managed. The deviation from social norms are now considered diseases and conditions. Due to the fact that the doctor has more knowledge about said conditions they have the power claim the patient has an illness which delegates power over to them. The patient now seeks a diagnosis and a solution for their abnormal

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