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  • Ksp Of Reaction Lab Report

    partially dissociates and creates a dynamic equilibrium due to the instances when their ions recombine to form the original salts. An example of this is potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHC4H4O6 or KHT). When KHT is placed in water, it partially dissolves and forms K+ and HC4H4O6- ions. This reaction is shown below: KHC_4 H_4 O_6 (s)⇄ K^+ (aq)+HC_4 H_4 O_6^- (aq) (1) The equilibrium constant of reaction (1) is written as Ksp or solubility product constant. The Ksp of reaction (1) is shown in the equation: K_sp=[K^+ ][HC_4 H_4 O_6^-] (1) One of the purposes of the experiment is to determine the Ksp value…

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  • Calcium Research Paper

    1. Calcium is the fifth common element in the earth’s crust, and is found predominantly in feldspar, calcite, dolomite, and apatite, as a primary and secondary mineral. Calcium is found in lime stone but is also added as lime and in fertilizers. However, Calcium is not added as the soil is insufficient in Calcium, but to increase the pH. Calcium is a macro-nutrient which is essential in plant growth, the functioning of root tips, and is a main constituent in the cell wall. The amount of Calcium…

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  • Importance Of Coordination Compounds

    metal atom and are called complex agents. • Metal atoms are Lewis acids because they can accept pairs of electrons from Lewis bases. • Within a ligand, the atom that is directly bonded to the metal atom/ion is called the donor atom. • A coordinate covalent bond is a covalent bond in which one atom (i.e., the donor atom) gives both electrons. This type of bonding is different from a normal covalent bond in which each atom supplies one electron. • If the coordination complex carries a net charge,…

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  • Biodegradation By Fenton Reaction Lab Report

    wastewater derived from different industries such as petrochemical, food or resin manufactured. Since common biological treatment for these kinds of compounds is not feasible, is important to develop new technologies to treat these recalcitrant molecules. In this paper the authors studied the influence of chloride and sulfate anions on Fenton’s reaction of three representative phenol compounds: phenol, 2-chloro- and 2-nitrophenol. The batch experiments were carried out with the phenol solution…

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  • EDX Analysis Of The BJH Method

    conversion of as-synthesized Y to hierarchical MY by the proposed destructive-constructive method [----] and no leakage of Al and Si took place, therefore the hydrophilicity of the zeolite has been maintained. 3.2. Adsorption studies 3.2.1 The effect of pH on MB adsorption In Fig. – the pH of initial solution on adsorption performance has been inspect in the range of 2-12 for both Y and MY zeolites. The pH dependent adsorption profile of them almost are the same. At more acidic and basic…

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  • Properties Of Salts And Molecules

    Salts and molecules have different properties because salts are ionic compounds and molecules are covalent compounds. Justification: Salt is an ionic compound. An ionic compound is formed by ionic bonding between ions of opposite charge. Sodium Chloride and Potassium Bromide are both salts that have an ionic compound. Both elements have the properties of salts which include soluble in water, conductive, and a relatively high melting point. Molecules and Sugar molecules are covalent…

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  • Research Paper On Electronegativity

    Electronegativity is based upon the atoms strength within the element to attract electrons to form bonds. Now atoms like to fulfil the octet rule of having a perfect 8 outer shell causing it to be stable. Now unfortunately not all elements have a full outer shell now elements on the left side of the periodic table contain less than half of electrons the required energy to gain electrons is much higher than comparison to trying the energy to lose an electron. So the elements on the left side when…

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  • Metronidazole Light Essay

    stabilize a greater interfacial surface area, thus leading to smaller particle size. Also at 1.5 % surfactant concentration well spherical shape microsphere was formed with good flow properties i.e., 27.440 angle of repose hence 1.5 % surfactant concentration was optimized for further bathes. As the concentration of surfactant increased from 0.5% to 2.0%, the faster drug release was observed i.e.82.02% to 86.16% (Table 13 and 14). This may be attributed to the presence of free drug on the…

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  • Comparison Of Organometallic Compounds

    Edward Frankland give origin about the preparation of organometallics which is than further established by the discovery of ferrocene and Zeigler Natta polymerization in 1950s, and also by the preparation of dibenzenechromium in 1955. Organometallic chemistry is a multidisciplinary subject and has equal importance in inorganic, organic, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and in Material Sciences.2 General Properties of Organometallic compounds: The M-C bond in most of the organometallic…

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  • Characteristics Of The Crystal And Amorphous State Of Solids

    surrounded with a water soluble carrier, which in contact with water dissolves rapidly (21). In solid dispersion the drug is often in an amorphous state. Less power is required for the dissolution of the active ingredient in an amorphous state, because it is not consumed for degradation of the crystalline structure during the process of dissolution (19, 22, 23). Furthermore, the lack of aggregation and agglomeration of crystals of pure hydrophobic drugs plays an important role on increasing the…

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