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  • Communication And Communication Case Study Jenny

    1. Communicating Jenny has independence communicating her wishes and needs to others; she uses pictures, objects of reference, pointing, and eye rolling (indicating yes or no). There are however, some factors that could reduce Jenny’s independence. Jenny is short sighted and needs to wear glasses; however, she dislikes these and knocks them off. This can have a significant impact on Jenny’s communication, which can lead to isolation and exclusion (Cook et al, 2006). Carers are continuing to encourage Jenny to wear these, however if the prescription is incorrect or the glasses are uncomfortable, their efforts may be futile (Gates et al., 2015). Once these issues have been checked and corrected, Jenny will be able to maintain her independence. Jenny’s communication passport came with her when she moved into Bluebell House, the carers found this beneficial for communication with Jenny and on how best to support her needs. A speech therapist recommended that Jenny is given two options to choose from, to enhance Jenny’s understanding and reduce miscommunications (Royal…

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  • Communication Disorders: A Case Study

    Introduction American Speech and Hearing Association(1982) defined Communication disorder as an impairment in the ability to receive, send, process, and comprehend verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbol systems. As a Speech language pathologist thorough knowledge in the identification of the presence or absence of the problem followed by a detailed assessment to intervene the problem should be carried out with adequate counselling sessions (American Speech and Hearing Association, 2003).…

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  • Effective Communication Case Study

    Introduction Communication is an important way of getting connected to patients and building a lasting relationship. Poor communication will impact the way we connect with others, start decision- making and problem solving. When we communicate with others we are able to gain a better understanding of each other, form a trusting relationship. As nurses we are always teaching our patients and explaining their treatments to them through communication however we still have poor communication in…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Case Studies

    The veteran has suffered a traumatic brain injury, which is affecting his psychological health and interpersonal communication skills. The veteran is intelligent, undoubtingly a strength, but it could be possible it adds to the frustration he feels when not understood. The veteran has expressed remorse to the writer and is social (prefers doing things with others as opposed to alone). He exhibits self-control with people in positions of authority or when he has the potential to lose something he…

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  • Case Study: Interpersonal Communication

    Summary of Issue Delivering an important message without a strategy can be chaotic. Audiences are frustrated and they lose interest in what sender has to say (Rourke 2013). What did IT say? is a case study of an email went to employees regarding sharepoint upgrade and how it affects employees accessing sharepoint. Jack, the head of IT, is well known for sending vague emails. Nora’s boss wants her to read Jack’s email and have a conversation with him regarding the confusion his email has…

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  • Gender And Communication Case Study

    technology has limited, or impeded the ability of individuals to learn how to interact in person. When talking about texting versus having a face-to-face conversation, some people actually lack the ability to transfer the conversations. A good example of this are grad school, or job applications. The whole point of the interview process is to corroborate that the individual has the necessary skills to communicate effectively what they have disclosed on their application, but in some cases…

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  • Communication Studies Personal Statement Sample

    Fan Hughes Personal Statement a. Why do you intend to pursue a PhD or an MA in Communication Studies? Not long after graduating from the University of Georgia in May of 2013, I moved to Wyoming and began working within one of the worlds largest nearly enact ecosystems in the world, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I was inspired by this area on a camping trip as a teenager and quickly made a resolution to live in this breathtaking place as soon as I was able. Since 2013, I’ve worked to…

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  • FSO Communication Case Study

    IV. CHALLENGES IN FSO COMMUNICATION FSO communication is facing serious challenges because of its transmitting medium. Open space air communication has lot of obstacles and degrades the signal performance gradually. (a). Fog The primary challenge to FSO-based communication is dense fog. Rain and snow have little effect on FSO technology, but fog is quite different. Fog is vapor composed of water droplets, which are only a few hundred microns in diameter and can modify the light…

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  • Relational Communication: A Case Study

    Communication is a greatly effective remedial apparatus required by all wellbeing experts. Communication encourages the declaration of considerations, emotions and demeanour’s, helps with social event essential data, and backings restorative connections. Communication is the methods by which two individuals impact the conduct of others, and in this manner, it is basic to the fruitful result of nursing mediation (Riley, 2008). In the health care system, therapeutic communication is very vital, as…

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  • Nonverbal Communication Case Study

    Question 3: What nonverbal communication did each person use that was likely to create more tension or conflict? (20pt) While they both used other nonverbal behaviors that also increased the tension, Gary’s and Brooke’s vocal tone and vocal volume were the most common nonverbal aspects of their communication that increased the tension and conflict. Along with their words, their vocal tone seemed to increase the tension between Gary and Brooke. For example, towards the very beginning of the…

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