An Anger Diary Essay

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The veteran has suffered a traumatic brain injury, which is affecting his psychological health and interpersonal communication skills. The veteran is intelligent, undoubtingly a strength, but it could be possible it adds to the frustration he feels when not understood. The veteran has expressed remorse to the writer and is social (prefers doing things with others as opposed to alone). He exhibits self-control with people in positions of authority or when he has the potential to lose something he really desires, which demonstrates that he is capable of more appropriate reactions. The veteran’s mental health and his social interactions would likely improve if he learned how to control his anger and to communicate more effectively.
The veteran would benefit from therapy to assist him with his emotional responses and communication skills. CBT and group therapy have the potential to help this veteran to regulate his emotional response and communication skills. That being said, when working with people with TBI, it is essential that the “providers are comfortable trying various strategies, be flexible in their approach and…same time be able to conscientiously self-monitor their own beliefs,
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The veteran would write down his triggers, warning signs, angry responses, and outcomes to promote him identifying his anger and “catching it long before it takes over.” (N.D., 2016). A SOLVED: Problem-Solving Exercise would also be employed, with the intent to help the veteran see the pros and cons of his behavior and short and long term consequences of his actions. Additionally, SOLVED to encourage the veteran to think before he speaks. The veteran could also do more self-monitoring by keeping a journal “to record his thoughts, feelings, and overt behaviors in order to become aware of rational or irrational beliefs, and the circumstances that are associated with problematic behaviors.” (Lehmann, p.236,

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