Final Reflection In Interpersonal Communication Class

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Final Reflection Paper

I have learned a lot about my self this semester in this interpersonal communication class. Going In, I did not know what to expect. All of the other communication classes I have taken were speech class and I hated those. This was a good shift. In this class I learned what type of lover I am and I learned about forgiving people. One of the biggest things that I learned is how I deal with conflict. Before taking this class I had no idea that there were different type of lover. I just thought everyone had there own way of loving. There are six types of lovers. There is Ludus lover. Ludus lovers don’t take love to seriously. There are Storge lovers. They lack passion and intensity in the relationship. Then there are
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While in class, I realized that I us usually have a negative approach to conflict. I usually have a negative approach because I am very uncomfortable with conflict and just want people to be happy .That approach is gunnysacking. Gunnysacking happens when “a problem arises, instead of addressing the issues, the person decides to pretend there is no problem.” Before learning about all of the approaches I never realized what I was doing was a negative way of dealing with conflict. Like I stated in my conflict paper earlier in the semester, My mom and I have not had a great relationship and it has been a big conflict area in my life. After taking this class and learning more about how to deal with conflict, I think it has helped me figure out how to deal with the things that are going on. I am now going to use the three step approach to conflict resolution to deal with the conflict that we have. The first step is explain the problem (with out calling the other person names), Explain how it makes you feel, then explain what specifically you’d like done. Focus on specific behaviors. These three steps, I believe, will help me and my mom talk out the conflict that we have

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