Essay On PTSD In Veterans

Veterans living every day with post-traumatic stress disorder often feel on edge, have feelings of panic, or feel emotionally numb and disconnected from family, friends, and loved ones. Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after experiencing severe trauma or a life-threatening event, and the mind and body in still in a state of shock (Smith, 2015; Robinson, 2015; Segal, 2015). Some other major symptoms of PTSD for veterans include night terrors, extreme emotional and physical reactions to reminders of trauma, panic attacks, shaking, heaving breathing, avoiding certain places and people, and withdrawing from family and friends. Wartime experiences, most particularly in the First World War, prompted physicians to speculate on the
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Despite this relatively recent acceptance by the psychiatric community, the notion of traumatic stress has been discussed in the context of military service as far back as the writings of the Ancient Greeks (Shay, 2002). PTSD is still in the process of becoming more appropriately diagnosed and discussed as a serious problem among all military personnel and veterans. The term “post-traumatic sress disorder” was coined in the late 1970’s after the Vietnam War. Another form of PTSD that is frequently experienced by veterans is known as “survivals guilt” (Smith, 2015). This occurs when a veteran returns from active duty and feels guilty that that they had survived while others did …show more content…
It is an illness that hasn’t been fully recognized until recently after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. PTSD is still in the process of becoming more appropriately diagnosed and discussed as a serious medical issue among military personnel and veterans. Living with PTSD side affects is debilitating and interfere with everyday life. Symptoms of this disease include nightmares, aggression, memory problems, loss of positive emotions, and withdraw from society that affect veterans on a daily basis when suffering from PTSD. Veterans who have been faced with a very severe stressor, which typically involves a threat to one’s life, are the ones to be most likely to suffer from PTSD. This disease is however still lacking research and is also still stigmatized. Veterans are getting Honorably Discharged from the military due to undiagnosed PTSD. The behavior resulting from PTSD include alcohol and prescription drug abuse. The Honorably Discharged veterans are therefore loosing much of their needed health and education benefits making it difficult to maintain a job and concrete lifestyle. PTSD has also been a hinder to veterans and their relationships with partners and family members. PTSD has left many emotionally closed and non-expressive. PTSD is a horrible illness affected by so many veterans and impacts their lives, as well as their family and loved one’s lives as

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