Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments Of Ptsd Essay

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After hearing the sound of fireworks, the barking of a dog, or even just the sight of a weapon, something in a persons mind with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will trigger. Horror will constantly torment the mind, no matter what or where the person is. This is part of what people diagnosed with PTSD go through on a daily basis. Unfortunately, little is known about why the human body induces this mental disorder, or why it takes so long to recover from. However, based off recent research, much has been discovered about the fundamentals of the mental illness. This essay discusses the symptoms, causes, and treatments of PTSD in order to give an understanding and perspective to readers on what it is like to live with PTSD.
Stress induced fear is a natural adaptation within the human body, which tells the mind what to stay away from in order to continue to survive. Therefore every traumatic event does not induce PTSD. A set criterion based on certain symptoms, has been set through the DSM-5 in order to properly diagnose someone with the mental illness. In order to diagnose a person with PTSD, the potential victim must have been exposed to death or some kind of threat to ones life, serious injury, or sexual violence in certain ways (American Psychology Association, 2013). People going through PTSD will experience a wide range of symptoms, all of which consists of fear. Often portrayed in movies, flashbacks and nightmares are PTSD episodes. These episodes are…

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