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  • Examples Of Problem-Solving Problem Solving

    A Description of the Problem For the problem-solving report, we have a 4x4 grid that we have to find as many rectangles as we can. The rectangles that can be found on the 4x4 grid ranges from 1x1 rectangles to a 4x4 rectangle. According to a rectangle is, “a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides where all interior angles are right angles (90°). Also opposite sides are parallel and of equal length. Example: Another factor we have to consider is the lines provided on the 4x4 grid must make up the sides of the rectangles. Solution to the Problem: I found there are 100 rectangles in a 4x4 grid. General Problem: (n^2 〖(n+1)〗^2)/4 Strategies to Finding the Solution: Once I understood what the question was asking, I tried to figure different methods that would simplify the problem.…

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  • Problem Solving Reflection

    The concepts delivered throughout the management problem-solving course have provided me with valuable simulated real-life experiences which can be applied in my everyday work life as a HR Administrator with aspirations of progressing my career. The course delivery was such that as a student, I was able to use my existing knowledge and skills, in addition to that of my peers, to analyse and explore complex organisational problems. This course has challenged the way I think and deepened my…

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  • Imaginative Problem Solving

    all encounter problems related it to our job or a life situation. Problem solving is a skill that is required of every person in almost every aspect of life. Generally, people do not like problems because problems are time-consuming and they create stress. In order to solve any problem we need to know the source of the problem, and then address the reasons behind it, whether it was weaknesses or areas to improve. Being imaginative is highly appreciated when solving a problem, which is something…

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  • Problem Solving Essay

    Problem Solving      There are many different strategies that good problem solvers use to solve a problem. Before using a strategy, you must remember a few things. First, take your time. Few good problem solvers solve problems fast. Second, don't give up. You will never solve a problem if you don't try. Last, be flexible. If a first you don't succeed, try another way. And if the second way doesn't work, try a third way.      There are a few…

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  • Solving Group Problems

    instances when tensions arose due to minor disagreements of what actions should be taken to complete our task, however, we were able to use problem-solving steps in order to form a decision to appease the majority. Schwartzman (2014) maintains that there are six steps to solve problems as a group; define the problem or issue, establish criteria for solutions, identify solutions, evaluate solutions, choose the best one, and then implement or test it. Accordingly,…

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  • Critical Thinking Problem Solving

    Thinking Critically and Problem Solving When students are given the facts they require, they memorize those facts and use them to serve their short-term goals, which consists of passing tests and graduating to a higher class. However, when you give students critical thinking skills, they will be able to find the needed information for themselves. Students will be able to evaluate the qualities and consequences of that information. Students will also be able to utilize that information to solve…

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  • Team Problem Solving Process

    Team problem solving is used by many groups, organizations, and businesses to help solve problems and create solutions. Many studies have been done to evaluate how teams solve their problems, personalities of team members, and how to improve the team problem solving process. Team problem solving is a great way for businesses and organizations to find workable solutions to a variety of problems. One of the biggest obstacles that teams have is understanding the problem prior to listing potential…

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  • Superfreakonomics: Approaches To Problem Solving

    Approaches to Problem Solving “The internet is the most complex system that humans have ever invented. And with every internet enabled operation that we’ve seen so far, all of these offensive operations, we see knock on effects. We see unintended consequences”, said Edward Snowden. Internet may seem to make our lives more comfortable in various ways. However, it often brings a lot of drawbacks to our society. For instance, teenagers who are addicted to internet may follow the reprehensible…

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  • Collaborative Problem Solving

    collaborative problem solving, as this is an effective way to teach children how to accept the perspectives of others and generate solutions to future problems (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2016). It is also important for the teacher to develop positive partnerships with the people in the child’s life, such as family members and support professionals, as this allows the teacher to foster stronger relationships with the child which leads to more positive outcomes achieved (Fields, Merritt, & Fields,…

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  • Essay On Creative Problem Solving

    Whenever we are faced with an ethical problem or challenge, we oftentimes tend to believe that there are only two options, either this or that and nothing in between. Creative problem solving in ethics tells us that this is not true in most cases, nearly nothing is only black or white. Creative problem solving is defined as a technique used to address an ethical issue in an innovative or original way. It is looking at a problem or challenge from different angles and thinking of creative…

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