Team Problem Solving Process

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Team problem solving is used by many groups, organizations, and businesses to help solve problems and create solutions. Many studies have been done to evaluate how teams solve their problems, personalities of team members, and how to improve the team problem solving process. Team problem solving is a great way for businesses and organizations to find workable solutions to a variety of problems. One of the biggest obstacles that teams have is understanding the problem prior to listing potential solutions to the problem. Often teams get stuck finding solutions to what appears to be the problem instead of digging deeper to uncover the underlying problem. Once the underlying problem has been named the teams may begin to form potential solutions. …show more content…
While this is not a requirement it is often looked upon favorably, and ultimately benefits the company. It is a great goal to boost organizational citizenship. It has been suggested that an employee is more likely to volunteer above their job description when they are satisfied with their job and feel that they are supported and treated fairly by management. There are simple ways to improve management skills and ultimately increase citizenship. First step is to assess the company’s culture, resources, prior attempts, and the direction the company wants to move. Second is to realize that change takes time and is often met with resistance. However, this can be overcome by anticipating resistance, communication, implementation of change, monitoring, and celebrating success. When companies release a new vision to their employees it provides them with a direction and instinctively allows them to see that these values are essential. By getting your employees to believe that the values are essential they are more likely to get on board with organizational citizenship. Another technique is to explain what the changes are and why the company would like them to occur. …show more content…
Communication is important in all aspects of business and fine tuning these skills not only increases knowledge and understanding among staff but consumers as well. Collaboration and group problem solving is a way to incorporate employee feedback and opinions when solving problems. Leading and running businesses in an ethical manner increases customer satisfaction and opinions. Organizational citizenship can get employees more involved in the goals and beliefs of the business. When employees are engaged in their positions communication, collaboration, group problem solving, ethics, and organizational citizenship all increase and drive consumer satisfaction to desirable

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