Procambarus clarkii

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  • Crayfish Aggressive Behavior

    Most animals exhibit some type of aggressive behavior when confronted with one another, and this behavior is also shown in freshwater crayfish. Aggressive behavior in crayfish can be seen by anybody, but it becomes more prominent in a restricted laboratory setting. Groups of crayfish of about the same length and the same sex, plainly exhibit a pattern of dominance. When observed, it is noted that the crayfish perform different degrees of combative behavior. Researchers beg the question, how does the sex and the of size crayfish influence the different levels of aggression? Experiments were set up using the species Procambarus alleni Faxon. The crayfish were taken from their native ponds and swamps in Florida to a laboratory setting. In groups…

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  • Essay On Crawfish

    crawfish. An example of this would be conducting an experiment to study the dependent relationship of “active transport of ions against an electrochemical gradient” on aerobic respiration that affects an animal’s metabolic activity (Sutcliffe & Carrick, 1975, p. 689). One would first believe that the subjects of crawfish and aerobic respiration cannot be related to one another. This experiment, nevertheless, along with many more, prove otherwise and show possibilities of discovering scientific…

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