Gender And Communication Case Study

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1. The way in which technology has shaped our interaction is relative to the situation. For example, in some cases I feel technology has limited, or impeded the ability of individuals to learn how to interact in person. When talking about texting versus having a face-to-face conversation, some people actually lack the ability to transfer the conversations. A good example of this are grad school, or job applications. The whole point of the interview process is to corroborate that the individual has the necessary skills to communicate effectively what they have disclosed on their application, but in some cases interviewees lack the ability to communicate in a personal situation therefore the content of the communication from screen to face-to-face …show more content…
Facebook is more for friends, Tinder is perceived as a sex seeking application, and eHarmony is more oriented for individuals who want to find a love connection. In the future as technology continues becoming the center of interactions there will probably be more influence of the communication medium in the content of the conversation.
2. Doing gender is living up to expectation of femininity and masculinity society has established. It can include behaving a certain way to be classified as a certain gender. Gender and interactions have very interesting connections because society has different rules depending on what gender you are associated with, therefore if one breaks those rules, they might be seen as a deviant.
Society has genderized us since we were born. Starting from colors, toys, and even to sports and professions. The idea behind this is that sex indicates your gender has been used to classify how individuals should interact. For example, in a house hold where the parents have a boy and a girl, the boy is given more freedom to go out with friends, than the girls would. This comes from the primitive idea that females are the weaker sex. The parents have different interactions with they children even if they are the same age merely based on what gender they associate them
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Discourse as Foucault describe it, is not in favor or against power, but it is a way in which individuals may shape or make truths. The person giving the discourse is in a position of making knowledge. For example, in these past election Donald Trump was the individual giving the discourse, and although the discourse itself was not giving him power, the ability to make shape truths through his speech resulted in his win. He used his power of speech to shape people’s views even if those views were not necessarily backed by evidence.
Another exampled discussed in Foucault’s analyses was the lack of knowledge of what happens in the judicial system once an individual is convicted. Knowledge is power, therefore by keeping people from knowing what happens behind the scenes we limit individual’s ability to fight back, reach their own conclusions, and even criticize the problems in our society. As seen in the video, the problem is that now power seems good but isn’t, whereas in the past it clearly wasn’t good, and therefore it could encourage rebellion because people knew the truth beyond what they were

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