Communication Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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Communication is needed for everyday life, we use it every second we are awake . But the differences between both males and females cause; miscommunication, confusion and hurt feelings. There are very many differences when it comes to communication between the sexes they are; a man uses flirting for humor and flirting, men have absolutely no filtering the words they speak, men feel the need to be a problem solver even when not needed to be one, or not wanted to be one by the opposite sex.

One of the many ways a man and women 's communication differs is teasing. Girls from a young age are taught that if a boy is teasing you it is because they like you. There are many reasons men do this, one reason is they might not know the proper way of expressing their feeling . Also men use teasing to show playful dominance, when men tease they are installing in women 's minds that the man is more dominant, and the women feels the needs to impress the man. Although in a man’s mind a joke sounds completely playful and innocent, according to (“But What Do You Mean” Tannen 159) “ Women often mistakes a man 's
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The women does not want to hear or care about anyones opinion about the situation. The women is already frustrated about the incident they are discussing and when a man offers advice on how to fix the situation it leaves her feeling “ condescended and frustrated.” (Tannen P.159) This causes conflict between the two sexes, a man 's perspective is she is complaining and is clearly upset about the issue and there is such an easy fix, but a woman 's is this is a horrible situation they just want someone to listen to their point of

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