Barriers In A Health And Social Care Environment Essay

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Unit 1
Understand ways to overcome barriers in a
Health and Social Care Environment

Communication and Interpersonal Interaction

Staff Training

Staff training is when a service provider makes sure that members of staff attend courses to so that they get individual experiences, so that the members of staff can reflect on their own experiences to help individuals who are anxious, aggressive or depressed. Staff training works, and supports communication because service users feel like they are being listened to, because staff can relate to service users when they have their own experience, therefore their conversation may have more meaning, and be more deep. This is more beneficial than staff just collecting information because the service
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The Care Value base is a legal document that has 7 different “must do’s” that all Health and Social Care workers have to follow. One of the care values is maintaining confidentiality of information. Confidentiality should not be breached because service users are more likely to exchange information to a professional, if they know that the information will not be passed on to other people. Also, confidentiality should not be breached because it shows that the worker has respect for the patient. Finally, confidentiality should not be breached because it can put the service user’s life at risk. Therefore, all information should be kept confidential, so that the service is trusted, and mainly for the safety and security of the …show more content…
When defusing aggression, the care worker must remain calm, in order to show that they are not going to get angry with the service user at any time. The reason for this is because the service user may become more aggressive if they can see there is conflict. Secondly, the worker must communicate in a respectful way. The reason they have to do this is because it shows that you are serious that you are there to help them. Thirdly, the member of staff needs to create a trusting relationship again, by making them feel valued and important. Finally, the problem needs to try and be solved, by reflecting on what has happened, and how it can be dealt with in the

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