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Journal Assignment Two: Gender Norms in Your Life
This course as a whole has opened my eyes to realize how much our gender plays into the decisions and actions we make every day. I take advantage that doing gender, for me specifically, isn’t an ongoing struggle that it can be for those that do not fit directly into the gender binary. Doing gender is referring to how we behave and interact with others based upon socially constructed expectations for each gender. Instead of being an individual and behaving in the way we would like, we always have to consider if what we are doing is what society believes would be appropriate or reasonable for a female or male. Society establishes gender rules which are a set of instructions of how a man or woman should appear and behave. We believe that doing gender is an accomplishment which allows for society and institutions to dictate the way we might dress or act. If we decide perhaps to do gender in a way that is not accepted, we are then policed by others to promote conformity. Due to the fact that we gender everything up to objects, it’s impossible ourselves to avoid doing gender. However, it becomes something we do not even
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Since I was analyzing my behavior, I noticed myself having an internal battle of what is appropriate to say when I was speaking. I had to make sure that I was not swearing or using phrases that would be considered impolite. When I am surrounded by people who know me, I speak freely and am not concerned about judgment from my language. However, to be ladylike, especially for first impressions, or in front of men, I must speak elegantly. Ladylike goes hand and hand with being delicate, reserved, and overall put together. Men can often times be offended or in disgust at women who use language that could be similar to their own, or speak out because we have to follow different guidelines for what is

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