Gender Reflection Paper

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In our society, we have many different expectations of people’s gender. From the way which we interact with each other to the activities we enjoy, there are many things which are assumed of people because of their gender.
I think of myself as being pretty stereotypically feminine. I don’t like sports, nor am I good at them. I love fashion, shopping, and makeup. I am horrified of spiders and other insects. I take great pride in how I look, which for me means that I am usually in dresses and glittery clothing items. Although, in some other ways, I am not super stereotypically feminine. I’m not a fan of children. I don’t particularly want to get married. I don’t know how to cook very well nor do I really want to, and I’m really outspoken and
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There was only one phase in my life I can really think of where I wasn’t uber-feminine. Around the age of thirteen, I just felt fed up with how I was treated because of how feminine I was. People, especially the other boys in my class, would make jabs at my intelligence and ask me sexually provocative questions out of the blue. They treated me way differently than they treated the other girls who were more like “tom-boys” than I was. Although, I noticed that even as a “tom-boy”, I was still treated as if I were inferior. It was then that I decided that if I was going to be not treated properly by boys no matter how I expressed myself, I might as well stay true to who I …show more content…
Or, if they do eat in front of other girls, they either make excuses such as “I didn’t eat breakfast and so I’m starving,” or they only eat salads, whether or not they actually wanted to eat a salad. Then, as for guys: they eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and they don’t apologize for eating lots of food or for eating unhealthy food. So, for my project, I decided to take a guy’s approach to eating in public. Instead of watching who I’m eating in front of, or what I’m eating, or always thinking of excuses to tell people when they caught me eating, for an entire week, I decided to eat whatever I want whenever I feel like it and not apologize for it.
I chose this as my project because as the rules state, we can’t choose anything which pertains to our appearance, and we also had to do something which wouldn’t be perceived as a joke. Thus, I figured that I should think of something which is subtle, but really intrinsic in our society. So, after some thinking, I re-examined how I interact with my girlfriends versus how I interact with my guy friends, and thought of something which is really only practiced in groups of

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