Sex And Gender In Sociology Essay

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Sociology can be defined as a study of human beings in society and how it is continuously chancing. The study of sociology aims to analyse the interactions between people and society as well the behaviours humans exhibit within these interactions and relationships (van Krieken et al., 2013). Sex and Gender is an important social phenomenon and the study of sociology helps us to understand ‘sex and gender’ by its holistic view on sex and gender and how it is portrayed within society, as well as how it is a crucial aspect in the work of Human Service workers. To completely understand sex and gender as the important social phenomenon that it is, first there is terminology that we must first explore.
Firstly, ‘gender identity’ is a term that is used to define they way an individual identifies themselves in terms of sex and gender. Gender Identification of an individual may be: male, female or in the minority of cases, both or neither ("Gender
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Sex and gender, as well as gender confusion is prevalent in society, and sociology helps us to understand the specifics of sex and gender, to increase our understanding of the topic. Sociology helps to understand ‘sex and gender’ as a social phenomenon as it recognises that the biological gender of an individual, may not align with their gender identity and how they identify themselves or how they express their sex and gender towards other individuals and to society. Sex and gender is an important social phenomenon because sex and gender is sector of sociology that requires an in-depth understanding to properly recognise what gender identification involves and how to understand an individual who is experiences a miss alignment with their biological gender and how they identify themselves and express

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