Hyper Masculinity And Gender

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The identity and ideology behind gender is affected by hyper masculinity. In our society there are stereotypical ideas of gender. Hyper masculinity causes the men to pick their strong traits by leaving the women with the weaker traits. The roles of men and women are created by society, religion, and the culture they come from. The roles that men and women are put in to are considered the ideal and most appropriate behavior of that gender according to the society, religion and culture. Gender is not formed at birth; it is formed by cultural and social conditions. Media normally sets ideals for gender performance. There are always messages being sent on gender for people that watch TV, films, read newspapers, magazines, and listen to popular …show more content…
Both of the genders are considered equal in the Jewish religion. Although the traditions are stressed and certain rituals in reform Judaism are a matter of personal conviction. Most male members wear a kippah at the services, it is not compulsory. Both males and females will wear a tallit, but this tradition is a matter of personal choice. This is a pattern due to the fact that men and women are both dressed to show the equality of both genders. The Jewish believers practice equality for men and women in Judaism. The fact that both men and women wear the same clothing can show a sign of equality. In most religions this isn’t the case. In most religions women and men tend to be wearing different clothing to symbolize the gender difference and the symbolic representation of the values of tradition and religion. Clothing in a sense can determine many things. Through out a person’s life time it is said that pink is the color for girls and blue is the color for boys. In this synagogue they try to show the equality of both genders by not following or showing these rules of …show more content…
Power comes from the gender separation. When we look at the world around us we can see very few female leaders in the political, and religious fields. This theory can be explained by the Marx-derived perspective. It can be argued that the perception of god can be used as a sign of power. Male creator God can be used as a tool of the oppression of women. Ideally women suffer under the control of male. It is said that since god is referred to as a male, men are looked towards the more powerful ones in society. This theory supports the fact that women don’t have much power because of the gender difference. Even when we look back at the beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve. Adam was created first and from his back spine Eve was crated as a helpmate. Eve’s was created so that Adam wont be lonely and of course for help in reproduction. Not sure of how right this would sound but the origin of creation kind of provides the inequality of

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